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Migration Of Politicians

Is what we are witnessing a “Vibrant” or “Shameful Democracy? There is water famine and garbage, pollution, traffic chaos etc choking  Bengaluru, people are in peril and all the politicians are interested in is power and pelf! The CM H D Kumaraswamy from the minority elected JDS party backed by the Congress was foisted on the people to get the numbers to keep the BJP out. The BJP obviously began plotting and scheming to disrupt this unholy unstable alliance and take over. The CM and Speaker go abroad on holidays, and there is mass exodus of jumping ship. The drama shifts to BJP ruled Mumbai at five star hotel with rebel politicians flying there in private jets and Congress member Shivkumar sent to placate the rebels. However the rebels reportedly ask for police protection and police prevent him from entering the hotel where he alleges he has a room booked but is told the hotel manager cancelled it and wants to keep him out for law and order reasons. Both Congress and BJP workers crowd outside the hotel. The Karnataka Speaker has to ensure that the MLAs are jumping ship by free will and not coercion, before he accepts the resignation, which he cannot do as the said members are outstation or not available. Who is paying for all these private jets, transportation and five star long stays? How many crore and portfolios are being offered? Who cares for governance and respecting the people’s mandate? Do such professional politicians deserve to be labeled honourable? I heard one of the politicians telling the press about honesty, morality and ethics. I did not know whether to laugh or cry! At time of writing the assembly session is scheduled for 12th June 2019.

John Eric Gomes, Porvorim

Electronic  Bus Ticket Needed

It is observed that most of the times bus conductors of private buses do not hand over tickets to the commuters for the fare paid. Many of them behave rudely towards the passengers and at times do not return proper change. It is understood that private bus operators in Ponda have introduced electronic spot ticket printing machines that stores data such as time, date, amount charged to passengers, etc. This is a step in the right direction as it will deter bus conductors from over-charging and from being arrogant towards the passengers. It will also prevent bus operators from running into loss. Such electronic spot ticket printing machines are used in buses in other states and need to be introduced by private bus operators across Goa. It should also be made mandatory for bus conductors to wear the uniform with badge. Also for private buses.


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