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Making Road Journey Safe

IN a move that could help reduce number of accidents on Goan roads, the North Goa District Road Safety Council will shortly undertake inspection of some of the major accident-prone zones in the district. The Holy Family and O’Coqueiro traffic-signal junctions are the usual trouble spots which pose dangerous to motorists and pedestrians. Pedestrians in particular feel unsafe, and  at times unable to cross at these junctions because motorists often jump the red light.  Recently, a motorist  overshot  the pedestrian crossing at the O’Coqueiro junction, but started reversing his car after realising his mistake and in the process almost ran over some pedestrians on the crossing. Such is the attitude and arrogance of some motorists, which is a sad reflection on the poor traffic management by the Goa traffic police and the absence of enforcement of  traffic rules and stringent punishment for the errant motorists. Putting up  of  ‘don’t drink and drive’  signage at all bars will hardly serve the purpose if our traffic police are not active and missing at important traffic junctions.


Scourge Of Chain Snatchers

RECENTLY, two persons reportedly snatched the mangalsutra of a woman in broad daylight at Mangor Hill in Vasco. There seems to be a rise in the number of chain-snatching incidents in the state. The culprits are usually seen on a two-wheeler who beat a hasty retreat after committing the crime. From videos of such chain-snatching incidents appearing on the Internet the modus operandi appears to be that the two-wheeler bound anti-social elements halt the vehicle next to a woman and engage her in a conversation. The rider and the pillion rider probably ask the woman for directions to a particular place keeping the engine of the vehicle on. In the wink of an eye, the pillion rider then snatches the chain from the woman’s neck and rider then accelerates the speed of the vehicle, dragging the woman in the process as they make a getaway. Incidentally in the past such chain-snatching incidents have been carried out even by occupants of a car. Women need to be warned not to be drawn into a conversation with strangers riding a two-wheeler or a car in order to avoid such incidents. The police need to crack down on the culprits and also investigate if there is a gang of chain snatchers operating in the state.


Stamp Out Stray Cattle Menace

STRAY cattle menace has become a matter of concern in the state, especially in Ponda taluka where the situation  is going out of hand. The Ponda municipal council and village panchayats in the taluka have failed to rein in the cattle, which cause great inconvenience to motorists and pedestrians. In certain villages like Queula and Adpai the cattle not only roam on the roads during the daytime, but they hold sway over the  streets even at night. It is time the panchayats took appropriate action to put an end to the menace. Panchayats failing to set up cattle pounds should be taken to task.


Evict Squatters Of Lutyens Zone

SENIOR BJP leader Sushma Swaraj has vacated her official bungalow  after her refusal to be part of the  Modi government due to ill-health.   Swaraj wasted no time in moving out of the Lutyens zone.  Former Union finance minister Arun Jaitley too has moved out.   There is an acute pressure on other bungalow  ‘occupiers’ who have not found a place in the Modi cabinet, or are no longer qualified to be enjoying the comforts of their vast residences, to follow suit.  New central ministers should naturally occupy these residences.  Some others have vacated their houses, it is learnt.  To vacate a large house in a posh locality needs gumption and self-respect. The occupants should learn to respect  the laws of the lands. After all, the residences are public properties not owned by politicians. There are many Congress leaders who have been staying in their spacious bungalows. Despite notices being served on them, they are loath to come out of their comfort zones.  It can be recalled how politicians from particular party had to be forcibly evicted from their houses for disobeying the housing ministry request. Politicians no longer in positions of power have moral obligations to leave their residences. Moreover,  an MP is not a PM.  Strict measures have to be taken to instil sense in  ‘very important persons’ that it is the position which elevates  oneself and not the vice-versa. The ‘security threat’ perception, if at all, is that is allowing some  ‘leaders’ to stay in the palatial houses then the rules governing them have to be revisited. By almost instantaneously vacating their houses, Swaraj and Jaitley have set a precedent for other MPs, especially first-timers, to follow. There are many leaders in the national capital who are compelled to stay in guesthouses and makeshift houses due to paucity of accommodation. Rules need to be framed to bring in uniformity in vacating the houses. A ‘grace period’ should be followed by a gentle reminder and, then, a forceful eviction. The Modi government should not procrastinate anymore.


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