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Scientific Importance Of ‘Shraddha’ Rites 

TOMOKA Mushiga, a Japanese woman studied PhD at Allahabad University on ‘shraddha’ rites performed as per Hindu dharma. She stayed at Gaya (Bihar) for 20 months for the same before submitting her thesis on ‘shraddha’ karma. It is noteworthy that by studying the subject, she has proved that ‘shraddha’ rites performed as per Hindu dharma are scientific. Many people from other countries visit places like Gaya (Bihar) and Trimbakeshwar (Nashik) etc where such rites are usually performed and offer ‘shraddha’ for post-death spiritual progress of their ancestor’s souls. Some of them do not believe in it and claim that there is no scientific base for such rites. In the present case, however, one lady has studied these rites at scientific level, submitted thesis at international level and spread, worldwide, importance of performing these rituals by proving their scientific base. People from other countries thoroughly study issues taken up by them, before taking further step. Therefore, they come to India from other countries and perform such rites. Many of them are Christians but they perform the rites as per Hindu dharma. These people must have told their friends, relatives etc about their experiences after performing such rites at these places in India, which is worth noticing. People from other countries are performing such rites while few citizens are stuck with their doubts. They should try to study scientific importance of these rituals.    

Shakuntala Baddi, Navi Mumbai  

Civil Supplies Helpline A Farce

GOA civil supplies department has a toll-free helpline number. But operator lacks training as how to deal with the problems of general public. Very strange. What is meant by helpline? The government should clear this first. When a citizen calls on helpline number and asks what is the procedure to avail of duplicate ration card as he has lost the ration card, the operator tells the citizen to contact civil supplies inspector. The helpline issues the contact number of civil supplies inspector and finishes the job. This helpline operation service needs to be overhauled. The operator or the concerned clerk must tell full procedure to avail of a duplicate ration card or any other documents. Otherwise, there is no use of such helpline with zero service.


Young Blood Only Hope For Congress

WHEN it is more than evident that in the present situation only a youth leader can revive Congress, it is unlikely that the party high-command will decide on completely divorcing its links with the Gandhi family to have a rank outsider helming its affairs. Moreover, with the party showing no inclination to get over its penchant for hoisting its grand-old patriarchs to lead them, it becomes difficult to comprehend what exceptional strategy is going to get the party out of the rut. While every effort has been made to highlight the ‘democratic’ functioning within the party with the scion of the family, which has all along held on to it as a legacy, deciding to step down and favouring the induction of one not from the ‘dynasty’ to take over the reins of the party following the embarrassing defeat of the Congress in the Lok Sabha elections; a feeling that the party will not be able to get itself out of the Gandhi shadows continues to linger on. For, there are many leaders in the party who continue to feel that without the Gandhi tag the Congress will cease to have any relevance in the nation’s electoral scenario. Or is it the apprehension of the anonymity that will assail them if they are to move out of the ‘comforts’ of the patronage the ‘name’ affords them. But let us not forget that many of the leaders who have revolted against the family and decided to charter their own course in Indian politics have scripted huge success stories. The fact however remains that in spite of the big names that it boasts of, Congress over the past few years has failed miserably to address public issues. When most of its prolific leaders were embroiled in some controversy or the other, those at the grassroots level were left confused and frustrated at the way things were progressing. Truly, “Congress rose so high that it just lost touch with the country’s roots.”


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