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Rehabilitating Beggars

It has been reported that the Vasco police, acting under the anti-begging law, in a standard procedure, rounded up beggars and produced them before a magistrate, who generally levies a fine. Many a time these beggars are unable to pay the fine and so the police pay it for them and put them on a train travelling out of Goa. The beggars simply get down after one or two stations and go back to the only profession they know. Many years back, I had suggested in writing to the Director Provedoria that the police, Provedoria personnel and relevant existing non-government organisations (NGOs) get together, locate all beggars and homeless people and constitute a committee to help screen and rehabilitate them. This is the humane way of governance. At the same time, it will keep our cities and villages clean and also safe and contribute towards security of the nation. This problem is on no one’s manifesto and it appears we have completely lost our humanity. Are the concerned government officials and ministers listening?


Extend Tejas Express Service To Margao

The train No 22119/22120 Mumbai CSMT-Karmali-Mumbai CSMT Tejas Express, an air-conditioned semi high-speed train was introduced recently by Konkan Railway. As the train operates for five days a week, the service is beneficial to many tourists heading to Goa from Mumbai; they reach their destination within a span of seven hours. The train runs between Mumbai CSMT and Karmali near Margao in Goa. The Konkan Railway authorities should now consider extending this train service upto Margao, as presently it causes an inconvenience to many passengers to reach Margao from Karmali. Though a facility for direct rail line connectivity to Margao already exists, it is very ironical to note as to why Tejas Express terminates only at Karmali instead of Margao, which is a major junction. Many passengers, who are mostly tourists intending to visit Goa through Margao are put to a great inconvenience, especially during the holiday season in summer and year-end Christmas vacations. Hence, it is hereby requested to the concerned Konkan Railway authorities to consider the extension of 22119/22120 Mumbai CSMT- Karmali-Mumbai CSMT Tejas Express upto Margao junction. The suggested extension upto Margao will certainly benefit many passengers, who also include tourists visiting Goa from Mumbai to alight directly at Margao itself.

Varun S D, Bangalore

Umpires Cannot Be Above Law

Cricket is said to be a gentleman’s game. On field, the players are expected to be gentlemanly in their behaviour. Even their off-field conduct is closely scrutinised. In case they are perceived to have broken rules, penalties and suspension beckon them. The game has become highly professional over the years, and lakhs of eyes are glued on the cricketers. One costly error, a cricketer’s career is in the firing line. Nowadays, the Decision Review System (DRS) has broken some hearts. This Indian Premier League (IPL) has witnessed some umpiring mistakes; not many were blunders. However, the DRS system has turned the umpires into heroes contrary to expectations. A few umpires are too rigid to give some leeway to the cricketers. Take for example Nigel Llong, the Englishman, who is also a part of the coveted Elite panel of International Cricket Council (ICC) Umpires. The man appears ‘tough’ or is keen to make an ‘impression’. In the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) match, Llong blew hot and cold when he was confronted with a blunder. Having no-balled Umesh Yadav in the last over, Llong was too eager to get on with the game when the television giant screens showed Umesh hadn’t no-balled. Llong displayed his ‘short-temper’ when RCB skipper Virat Kohli joined Umesh to protest against the decision. The experienced Llong, who has umpired in as many as 56 test matches and 123 one-day internationals, asked Kohli and Umesh to go ahead with the game. More, the fifty-year-old Llong is said to have kicked the door of the umpires’ room in the pavilion in anger causing dent and damage to the glass door of the Chinnaswamy stadium. Will the concerned authorities, the ICC, take Llong to task for his unruly conduct? Are umpires above the law? Can we expect a suspension or two to be handed over to the umpire? Or, will he be removed from umpiring the finals of the IPL? These are important questions because Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion. 


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