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Unwarranted Comparisons

YOUR report ‘Parrikar, a living example of Christ’s values’ (NT, March 19, 2019) on the late Manohar Parrikar triggered many comments in social media, particularly because it was seen as inappropriate. Parrikar’s resilience and the way he endured suffering is to be appreciated, but comparing his sufferings to Christ’s and saying that he was a living example of Christ’s values was wrong. While I will refrain from commenting on Parrikar’s personality as he is no more I cannot but express my disagreement with some of the observations made by Fr Anthony Fernandes in the report.


Cogs In The BJP Wheel

SANKHALI MLA Pramod Sawant has now succeeded Manohar Parrikar, who passed away on Sunday, as the Chief Minister. The selection of Sawant, who owes his allegiance to the RSS, as Chief Minister brings to the fore one particular aspect: the party has no respect for liberal-minded secular leaders, especially its own Christian MLAs. Why the BJP refuses to name a Christian leader as the Chief Minister of Goa? Is the party treating them as outcaste, or unsuitable for the post? Aren’t the BJP MLAs like Michael Lobo, Glen Ticlo and Alina Saldanha suitable for the post of Chief Minister? I recall that when former chief minister, the late Manohar Parrikar, had been elevated to the post of Defence Minister the BJP humiliated its former Mapusa MLA, the late Francis D’Souza, by denying him the Chief Minister’s post despite of him being at the No 2 position in the then BJP government. It appears that the only two qualifications that are required to become a BJP Chief Minister in Goa are that the MLA must be a Hindu, and that he must owe his allegiance and roots to the RSS. I feel that BJP leaders must introspect on the use of these double standards. If the BJP is truly a secular party – as always claimed by party’s senior leaders – then it should learn to give equal opportunities to the legislators from minority communities and not use them as cogs in the wheel just to run the government.


Bleak Future For Aviation Industry

THE recent move by Etihad Airways to sell its stake to SBI and thus walk out of Jet Airways stake sale is an alarming situation for the aviation industry. At a time even when the India’s state owned national carrier struggles for survival, the gloomy skies in Indian aviation industry now needs an immediate attention. Etihad’s stern move to walk out of the offer comes as a surprise move, as many had expected that the infusion of funds would bail out Jet Airways. The grounding of many regular aircraft affecting operations and maintenance and the crewmembers’ threat to go on strike have dashed hopes of many loyal passengers. The warning issued by the DGCA to hold on to advanced booking and not to stall operations has jeopardised air travelling. Moreover it is outrageous to know that some other carriers are surging ticket fares sensing undue opportunity looming in the skies. The DGCA should initiate a stern action against such an unfair surged ticket fares and should immediately bring equilibrium in the pricing structure.



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