Saturday , 19 October 2019
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Rising Crimes By Foreign Tourists

This is with reference to the news item ‘4 Georgian nationals held for theft at Anjuna’ (NT March 15). From the number of criminal cases registered against foreign nationals in the state, it has become  more than evident that  some foreign tourists come to Goa mainly  to commit theft rather than to enjoy themselves. The recent daring burglary of a house in Siolim by  four  Georgian nationals who broke into the house and stole valuables worth Rs 9 lakh by using hydraulic cutters, grinders, hacksaw blades, hammers, etc, testify adequately to the well planned and well-executed robbery. Not long ago a number of crimes came to light after some Hungarian and Bulgarian nationals were arrested after committing frauds at the ATMs of nationalised and private banks and getting away with lakhs of rupees, by using a novel skimmer device. This is a sad reflection on the Goa government and the tourism department for the poor security arrangements in the state which have made Goa an  easy target for crime and has emboldened criminal elements to undertake crimes easily and escape the law of the land. Our police on the  other hand have a track record of going on a wild goose chase only after the horses have bolted, leaving the stable door ajar.

A   F Nazareth,  Porvorim

Ensure Countdown Timer For Traffic Lights

TRAFFIC signals are a great relief to pedestrians and motorists alike at busy intersections. However, it is of no use if the traffic light colours are just green and red without the flashing of amber (orange) light that has to be in sequence of red to amber to green. Being a daily commuter, I face this problem and confusion on the Porvorim stretch of the Mapusa-Panaji highway, courtesy the traffic signals that flash only two colours-the red and the green. This is particularly the case of the signals at the O’Coqueiro and the Delfinos junctions. Many a times it has happened that I have to slam the brakes upon seeing the traffic light suddenly go from green to red without the warning amber light. Like me, a lot of other motorists also find themselves in such a situation at these two spots. The fear is that such abrupt working of the traffic lights could lead to mishaps with tailgating vehicle crashing into the one in front of it. Owing to functioning of the traffic signals in such manner, I take caution to slow down at the two spots even when the lights are green. It would be in the interest of the motorists that the traffic and road safety authorities ensure that these traffic signals have countdown timer fitted and all the three colours  used for controlling traffic flow at the crossings.



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