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Risk Of Improper Hill Cutting

THE collapse of metal scaffolding set up for building of an approach road to the new Zuari Bridge in which four workers were left injured should come as a wake-up call of the dangers looming due to improper hill-cutting. The reason for the collapse has reportedly been attributed to an “imbalance” and “soil displacement from the hillock”. Large-scale hill-cutting that has been carried out for road-widening purpose can result in massive landslides as a result of soil displacement from the hills during the fast-approaching monsoon season. At several places, specially, at the Cortalim junction, the hill has been cut vertically with no slanting slope and with absolutely no support in place to prevent a landslide. It seems prudent to build a retaining wall along the hills that have been cut on a war-footing in order to prevent any untoward incident by way of a landslide which could prove disastrous.


Ensure Free And Fair Elections

CODE of conduct has been enforced in the background of elections; so all political parties have got busy in planning their canvassing strategy whilst maintaining the code of conduct. There are restrictions on candidates on the manner and amount of spending money for canvassing; but all parties also have enough knowledge on finding loopholes in the same. As elections approach, every party starts planning its strategies on canvassing as also sets up a separate wing to work on attracting big fishes from other parties to own party. This wing is expert in casting net for finding a leader from other party who is influential; who can make positive effect on ballot box and who is hurt by someone or something in that party or who can be made to shift his loyalty from one party to another if his pockets are filled. Besides this, celebrities from film world or from other fields, who have their own aura, are also brought in the fray for canvassing. Billions are spent on these two things; but such things are not considered under the purview of maintaining code of conduct. Both the mediums help parties in getting votes on a large scale. Election Commission of India should impose restrictions on both these things.



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