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The Unfair Citizenship Bill

WHY is the Modi government hell-bent on passing bills that call for extensive debates at the fag-end of its tenure? The aim here, I guess, is to appease its vote banks. The government does not want to study   ramifications of the bills. The contentious citizenship bill appears to be a means to target Muslims. The proposed amendments are both impractical and suffer from a warped perception of the Indian identity. Unlike Israel, which offers a home to Jews worldwide, India is a secular nation which does not discriminate between religious denominations. A rational citizenship programme for refugees needs to be egalitarian. A policy that favours specific religious denominations reeks of the discredited two-nation theory.


Fallacious Argument Of Revenue

CHIEF Minister Manohar Parrikar announced during the recently-concluded winter session of the state legislative assembly that the traffic sentinel scheme brought in revenue of Rs 82 Lakh since it was introduced. This disclosure reminds us of Parrikar’s statement on the revenue generated by casino vessels. Parrikar, who once had opposed the presence of casino vessels in the Mandovi, justified their existence once he came to power. Parrikar’s argument in favour of the casino vessels was that they generate revenue for the state exchequer. Hence the proposed shifting of the casino vessels out of the Mandovi does not find an auspicious occasion. The mining imbroglio has hugely impacted the revenue generation in the state, giving an excuse for the government to keep the casino vessels in the Mandovi. But we must not forget that the revenue generated by the casino vessels is ‘sin money’: this sin money precept does not affect the scruples of our “morally conscious” BJP government. That casinos bring very limited employment to Goans does not sway the sentiments of the government. The government is least bothered of the Goan families ruined by their members getting addicted to gambling. The traffic sentinel scheme, which has been vehemently opposed by the people of Goa, has been justified using the same yardstick of revenue. It has also been argued that the scheme has brought down the number of road accidents and fatalities. To my mind, these are fallacious arguments. I strongly feel that the controversial scheme must be withdrawn immediately.


More Bus Shelters Needed At Ponda

A large number of commuters continue to wait for buses at the old bus stand at Ponda. But there are only two bus shelters at this bus stand, and because of this people waiting for buses stand along the road in hot sun. Some people stand in front of shops and gaddas at the   place, inconveniencing the customers visiting the establishments. Hence it would be appropriate for the concerned authorities to put up additional bus shelters at the old bus stand so that commuters can use them while awaiting for buses.



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