Saturday , 19 October 2019
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Kerala’s Unholy  Men Of God

THIS is with reference to the news report ‘Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council issues guidelines to check sexual abuse’ (NT, February 6, 2019).  There are no words to describe how shameful it is for priests and bishops of the  Catholic Church in Kerala to be pulled up for moral turpitude through guidelines and a warning from the  bishops council against committing sexual assaults on minors and vulnerable adults (read nuns) in the Church. The problem is not confined to India alone but has worldwide ramifications with  even Pope Francis making an open admission of such criminal acts of sexual abuse by the clergy  and cover-up by bishops after his return from his  recent visit to the UAE. The question then is: what example are these men of God and ministers of the sacraments setting with their scandalous and sacrilegious acts? Are they not expected to be the “light of the world and salt of the earth” to sanctify and transform the world according to the will of God and his designs?


Don’t Be Choosy On  Punishing The Corrupt

INDIA is neither a kingdom nor an autocracy;  it is  a democratic conglomeration of states bound by the Constitution. Hence the nation’s federal structure must be upheld. And West Bengal is not a colony of New Delhi, rather it is an indispensable unit of the Indian federation. So sentiment of states and democratic decorum needs to be meticulously maintained. In this perspective West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee held every right to protest. However, sanity and neutrality demand that irrespective of the colour of the regime in different states, all scams around the nation should be thoroughly investigated and the culprits be awarded exemplary punishment instead of character assassinating or targeting only Banerjee, the TMC regime and Bengal or more recently Robert Vadra. What about the Vyapam or Bitcoin scam in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat respectively under the BJP dispensations? Never  do the BJP leaders talk about these scams,  or point accusing finger at themselves.  Else it would get proved that only political vendetta is really at play to teach  a lesson to one key leader of the ‘alliance of looters’ and husband of the most recent challenger to the ‘good days’ regime namely Priyanka Gandhi!



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