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Medical Care Of Stray Animals

In a bizarre incident several dogs and some cats were found dead near Santrem beach at Chicolna in Bogmalo and animal lovers suspect foul play in the death of the stray animals. This is absolutely condemnable and necessary investigation needs to be carried out to apprehend those responsible for the dastardly act. Animals need to be treated with dignity. Be that as it may, it could also not be uncommon for people to abandon on the streets their sick and old pets, specially, dogs. It must be said that these pet dogs provided their owner company, faithfulness and lots of love in their younger days and hence it is an inhuman act to abandon these pet animals in their old-age. One may see old and sick dogs of a good breed roaming the streets and who once probably lived in homes with their owner. Pet owners need to reciprocate the love these animals showered on them and refrain from abandoning them when these animals become old and may be in need of medical attention.



Frequent Power Disruptions

Power outages have become frequent in Goa (especially in  Porvorim) these days , leaving one to figure out what could be the reasons for such  frequent  power disruptions. It is neither the monsoon season when such occurrences are frequent due to gusty winds and water-logging of cable trenches. Neither are we in the midst of the summer season where there is heavy power demand and consumption due to the indiscriminate use of fans and air conditioners. At present we are enjoying the best of the winter season with hardly any use of fans or air conditioners. So, will the electricity department please tell us what ails the system even after 6 decades  that it has now become almost the norm to witness 1or 2 power outages in a day, all the year round. Are we expected to live with the unfulfilled promises of our politicians of a 24×7 uninterrupted power supply,  all our lives?

A F Nazareth, Porvorim


Congress Should Have Gone All Guns Blazing

Strange are the ways of the Congress in Goa! As an Opposition while it should have gone all guns blazing at the ruling-dispensation for its erratic governance in the state, it is contend playing second-fiddle to the BJP-alliance never really posing any serious threat to the ‘sustenance’ of the coalition. While the frictions within the ghatbandhan has been exposing the delicate relations between various alliance partners striving to hold up the government, it is indeed strange that the Congress stewardship in Goa has not given a serious thought to exploit the conditions and unsettle the BJP-sarkar in the state. Although the rift within the Saffron-brigade and the oddities that accentuate the differences between the associate members in the alliance is threatening to dismember the whole union, the Congress has not pounced on the chance to unnerve the government. Instead of moving in for the kill, the Congress in Goa is conspicuous by the antics it indulges in to counter the government on its faulty agendas. The latest one where party workers buried themselves in sand at Miramar beach to draw attention to the impact that Goa would face if the contentious Coastal Regulation Zone 2019 was implemented in the state creeks more of activism than any suggestions of a meaningful Opposition. Ever since the ‘hugplomacy’ of Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha, the Congress across the country wherever they have been reduced to ‘minority’ has been engaging in such gimmicks to draw the attention of the nation towards the ills that is to be expected of a ‘Congress-mukht Bharat’! It is a shame that things have come to such a turn where the Congress has to resort to various publicity stunts to keep alive the notions of a strong Opposition. Not that the grand-old party of Indian politics is not used to the idea of sitting in the Opposition. But it has so overwhelmingly been subdued this time around by the Modi-wave.


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