Monday , 17 June 2019
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Ire Against Traffic Sentinels

ANOTHER ‘traffic sentinel’ was attacked on Wednesday, this time at Vasco, making us to reflect on the scheme introduced to capture traffic violations on mobile phones. It will be better if traffic sentinels are deployed at important junctions like the Zuari bridge at Cortalim where motorists face traffic congestion regularly. Many junctions in Goa witness traffic congestion due to reckless driving. If the sentinels could take photographs of traffic violations at the roundabouts and send them to the police then it will be a great service to the state as well the people. Merely taking photographs of some helmetless scooterists and motorcyclists and earning money will not serve the purpose.


Education Is The Key To Success

EDUCATION is like a passport to the future, what you do tomorrow depends on how well you prepare today.   It is the future’s foundation which leads people from darkness to light.   It may appear strange that an ‘International Education Day’ has to be dedicated for improving the quality and access of education. However, inclusive and equitable education is a right and the significance of the word “right” has not been hammered enough into the brains of the leaders of the countries.   Again, education to all and sustainable development goals of the United Nations are interlinked to a great extent. And, the UN is all set to celebrate ‘International Education Day’ on January 24, its first.    The parents require to be “taught” to send their children to schools because an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.  The art of thinking constructively and critically is the art and science of education.  That said, an educated mind is able to entertain thought without totally accepting it. Sending a ward to school, universal promotion of reading and writing habits, consistency in schooling, ability of communication and participation are essential ingredients to foster education in every section of the society.  Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights go deeper than mere right to education. Lifelong learning opportunities is what the UN wants to fulfil in another 12 years. One has to learn to grow and grow to learn – there are no full stops.  Even if one forgets the “learning” in school, the “education” tends to remain.  Therefore, elders have said one is always a student, never a master of a trade. To enhance dignity and self-respect, age and diseases, knowledge advancement and truth dissemination are critical.



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