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Traffic Sentinel Scheme Is Doing Wonders

I have seen many voices being raised in social as well as print and electronic media against the traffic sentinel scheme of Goa police. All voices claim this scheme is penalising citizens. Is it? Why are these citizens penalised and by whom? The answer is they are penalised by the traffic cell because they violate traffic rules. Simple! I don’t understand why we have developed a habit of opposing and finding flaws in each and every scheme. When these same citizens visit developed countries, they will follow the traffic rules and discipline to the T. However, when in their own motherland, they have a problem and then they blame the government and the administration for being culprits. This scheme is equivalent to closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras installed by traffic cell. Since the government cannot afford CCTVs, they have implemented this scheme, which serves the purpose. Yes, it needs fine-tuning; on matters like how to penalise tourist vehicles and false implications. As far as the scheme is concerned, I myself have changed my traffic sense and follow the traffic rules in awe of being caught by a sentinel. So, definitely, many others have too. I can see an increase in the traffic rule obeyers. There is no reason why the scheme should be stopped.



Act Against Individuals Burning Waste in Open

In 2015, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) had issued directives against open burning of waste. A fine of Rs 25,000 was proposed to be levied for bulk burning while Rs 5,000 was proposed as fine for simple burning. But is the directive followed? There is rampant open burning of waste in Caranzalem. One can see smoke emanating every single evening (and sometimes in the mornings too) from multiple points. This practice is adopted not only by individuals but in all probability by municipal workers as well. Smoke is usually so thick that it becomes impossible to sit and relax in our balconies. Asthma patients have a choking effect as a result of the smoke. This is a matter of grave concern for all and I think government agencies such as the pollution control board should check on such activities and book the offenders. There may be a need to form teams, which can carry out raids to check such crimes and book the offenders.



Let’s Show Compassion Towards Animals

Human beings are supposed to be ‘special creatures’ known for their cognition and emotions. Nurses are considered to be an epitome of hope for ill patients. But an incident in a medical college campus in Kolkata has left one’s mind shattered. Sixteen puppies were said to be beaten to death by a few nursing students. At least, two of them were caught mercilessly bludgeoning the puppies to death with iron rods. It goes without saying that more students may have been partners in crime. The dead bodies of the helpless creatures were found in garbage wrapped in polythene bags. The only reason the ‘students’ thought it fit to kill the small dogs was that they acted as hurdles in their daily in and out movement. A couple of students were bitten by the little creatures.   Animals cannot talk, but they can feel the pain. Indian Animal Welfare Act, 2011 (amended) but not yet passed, has envisaged a penalty from Rs 5,000 to Rs 1 lakh and imprisonment ranging from one year to three years, or both, depending on the offence. The gruesome cold-blooded killing of the puppies cannot be excused and the ‘students’ have rightly been booked under sections of the Indian Penal Code. The nursing students have been arrested; they should be rusticated by the college authorities. Many brutal killings of dogs may have gone unreported because the victims were ‘dogs, after all’. That one can get away with ease after butchering vulnerable animals is the root cause for such mindless acts. Having said that, there are thousands of good Samaritans, who risk their lives for the sake of animals. The Kolkata murderers have brought disrepute to such noble souls.



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