Saturday , 19 October 2019
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Increase Frequency Of Train On Margao To Bengaluru Route

Train number 17309/17310 Yeswantpur-Vasco bi-weekly Express operates in a convenient schedule via Hubballi-Londa-Madgaon junction.  The train has now become an important lifeline connecting to Goa and especially the Madgaon junction during festivals and holiday season. The train also acts as a prominent transit station on Konkan Railway route to proceed towards Mumbai and its suburb stations like Kalyan, Thane, Panvel and Vasai Road. Since long, the train has been operating only on a bi-weekly basis without much change in either an increase in the frequency or extension of the train to run on a daily basis. Though the arrangement to connect to Vasco and Madgaon exists through slip coach arrangement by 16589/16590 Rani Chennamma Express, it is of little help with just one AC 3 Tier and one sleeper class. As Bengaluru now witnesses a heavy influx of passengers almost throughout the year due to holiday season, festivals and also events like the International Film Festival of India, which is held every year in Goa, there is an urgent need to introduce a daily train to Margan. Thus the same can be arranged for with an increase in the frequency of the existing 17309/17310 Yeswantpur-Vasco bi-weekly Express to a daily train. Hence, the concerned railway authorities and the Railway Board are requested to urgently consider an increase in the frequency of the Yeswantpur-Vasco Express from the existing bi-weekly to a daily service.



On Opinion Poll

Held on January 16, 1967 in Goa, Opinion Poll was the only referendum conducted in free India and Dr Jack de Sequeira of the United Goans Party played a dominant role as the leader of the Opposition of the then dissolved Assembly. Thirty constituencies, including Daman and Diu voted for the historic Opinion Poll for a separate Union territory. The total electorate strength was 3,88,392, the votes cast were 3,17,633, anti-merger votes polled were 1,72,191, pro-merger votes were 1,38,170 and the margin of victory for the anti-merger was 34,021. Nineteen of the 30 constituencies voted in favour of a separate identity, while 11 constituencies voted in favour of pro-merger. Mormugao constituency had the largest total electorate with 21,773 votes out of which 16,000 eligible voters exercised their franchise, the largest number. For the anti-merger, Curtorim constituency with 12,597 polled the highest turnout including 11,671 votes in favour of anti-merger. Having attained statehood on May 30, 1987, all the 40 MLAs of the Goa Assembly now should take a pledge to install a statue of Dr Jack de Sequeira in Salcete. Tribute to Dr Jack de Sequeira will be incomplete if his statue is not installed in Salcete.



Why Traffic Sentinel Scheme Must Be Stopped

Superintendent of Police, Traffic, Panaji, continues to defend the traffic sentinel scheme, which principally and morally is inherently indefensible. What happens in the government bureaucracy and more so in the police and paramilitary forces is that there is a tendency to blindly support anything that your superiors have proposed and it is rare that anyone from within the force stands up and speaks against any scheme or proposal that has come from the top. So also is the case with the traffic sentinel scheme. Where the police in their role of maintaining law and order are enjoined to foster amity within our society, the traffic sentinel scheme contributes to dividing the society. This is done by according privileges to a certain class of people, who are encouraged to sneak up on their fellow citizens. The larger society will in any case not like this and that is why you have already two situations where people have objected to the supposed traffic sentinels. Another case was also reported in Canacona wherein a senior citizen was falsely implicated since the vehicle in question was not his. One does not know whether he was deliberately falsely implicated. More and more of similar cases will come to the fore and police may be called in more frequently to handle the mob-like situations, which basically are their own doing. Consider another issue which relates to vehicles from outside the state, which as we all know, are the more frequent offenders of traffic rules, particularly during the tourist season and mostly in the coastal areas. How does the traffic sentinel scheme handle the challans that are to be sent to these violators? One would believe that the scheme does not work for vehicles from outside the state. So essentially you are penalising only fellow citizens from within Goa. This is rather unfair. One would accept that the police department’s work relating to traffic is not easy and the burden is heavy but the solution lies in putting in hard work and employing technology like CCTV systems etc and not go in for schemes like the traffic sentinel.


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