Pandya, Rahul must be given severe punishment

Cricket is virtually a religion in India and cricketers are seen as demigods by their adoring fans.  A two-match suspension for Hardik Pandya and K L Rahul for their crass sexist comments on a popular TV show, would  be like a pat on their backs! These cricketers earn huge sums of money for endorsements of products.  Youngsters copy their hairstyles, clothes, shoes, what they eat, drink and use.  Hence these two cricketers should be meted out severe and exemplary punishment as they are role models for our youth, who may otherwise think of aping their heroes.


Children Safety In Vehicles

It must be said that children travelling in vehicles are as much at risk, if not more, than adults when there is an accident. A recent survey across several cities in the country has reportedly revealed that very few vehicles have put ‘child seats’ in their vehicles. More than 77% respondents admit to not putting seat-belt on children sitting on the rear seat. Using rear seat belts is as essential for safety of the other occupants as it is for the driver. It appears that children safety in vehicles does not draw the attention of the authorities. In Goa how many children riding pillion on a two-wheeler are seen wearing a helmet even though helmets of various sizes are available? How many use the rear seat belts for little children while travelling in a car? As a matter of fact wearing the rear seat-belts is also essential for adults and is required by law. The rear seat-belts are provided in each and every car. As per a survey only 20 % of Indians wear seat-belts provided for the back seats. People may not be aware of the law requiring to wear the rear seat-belt primarily because police seldom stop and question them for not wearing it. It is time we realize the importance of using the rear seat-belt, specially, for children.


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