Wednesday , 16 October 2019
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Crack Whip On Vasco Vendors

A tug of war has been going on between fruit and vegetables vendors and officials of the Mormugao municipal council in the past few days over encroachment. The vendors have even gone to the extent of keeping the vegetables market closed for a day inconveniencing the people. The vendors have been encroaching upon the space in front of their allotted stalls, making it very difficult for the people to move about. Trucks and handcarts carrying goods also need to pass along the narrow road to supply the vegetable to the vendors.  It is pertinent to note that the vendors play a hide-and-seek game with the authorities. The encroachment is rampant after dusk, on public holidays and during weekends when the municipal authorities are off duty. Such illegal sale of goods also takes place at various places around the port town. It would be desirable for the authorities concerned to tackle encroachment by also conducting surprise raids after dusk during the weekend and on public holidays.


Quota For All Voters

THE 2019 parliamentary elections are nearing and it is natural that the ruling dispensation and the Opposition are obsessed with a single motto of what best can be done to please the voters and win their hearts in an endless bid of strengthening their vote share. Though there have been demands from different quarters that the reservation system  conceived by the founding fathers of the Constitution with good intentions of uplifting the downtrodden needs to be phased out, there does not seem to be any determination among our political leaders who themselves are mostly of such communities. And they have only succeeded not just in retaining the system of reservation but even strengthening it further. Since there were outbursts that the general category is the most aggrieved section of the society finding itself at the receiving end of the system, the ruling dispensation has dared to introduce the bill providing for 10 per cent reservation in jobs and educational institutions for economically weaker sections in the general category. It is worth analysing as to who falls within this weaker section of the society. In a nutshell, among other criteria, those families with an annual income of less than Rs 8 lakh or with a house admeasuring less than 1000 square feet or with an agricultural land of less than 5 acre would be eligible under this reservation system. But one can visualise that almost 95 per cent of the people from the general category fall in this bracket. That apart, the earlier ruling of the Supreme Court says that the reservations should not exceed 50 per cent whereas with the new system the reservations would boost to 60 per cent. Moreover experts have opined that the economically backward groups do not warrant preferential treatment under the Constitution. Despite these limitations the bill has been introduced in the Lok Sabha and also passed on the same day, obviously because no party wants to oppose and face the ire of the electorate during the next polls. That is what politics is all about.



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