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Shocker From Purvanchal Varsity Vice Chancellor

Purvanchal University Vice Chancellor (VC) Raja Ram Yadav has set a new precedent. The ‘distinguished’ academician has asked the students to “beat” their adversaries in case of a fight and, if possible, even “murder” them. He went on to add that the least he wanted was a teary-eyed student coming crying to him. The Vice Chancellor’s ‘direction’ to the students is no doubt a big shock. But more shocking was the fact that a large part of the seminar audience in Ghazipur clapped and cheered when the Vice Chancellor was done. The video has gone viral; therefore, there is no doubt about the Vice Chancellor’s ‘radical teaching’. Was he carried away by the presence of students? Did he literally take the title of the seminar ‘Challenges in Higher Education’ at face value? Was Yadav giving a new definition to the quote ‘creativity is the soul of the true scholar?’ Has Uttar Pradesh’s political culture emboldened the academician to such an extent that he is forgetful of his own status and position? Anyway, Yadav would not have been joking considering the occasion. The Vice Chancellor’s past affiliations and his background are not as important as his outlandish comments though one cannot ignore the fact that the state BJP government appointed the ‘eminent’ physics teacher last year to the high post bringing him from the Allahabad University where he headed the physics department. Unlike many other high offices, universities can ill afford to have bombastic and dim-witted men and women decorating the position of Vice Chancellor. Obviously, there is a huge gap between the ‘learned’ and the ‘wise’. No university should be allowed to be a fiefdom of a particular person or group.



Maintaining Goa As Paradise For Tourists

Every industry goes through ups and downs and it is the same with the tourism industry in Goa. In a bid to earn our bread and butter, we are turning our tourists into paupers by offering the costliest transport or stay; we need to seriously give it a thought. Tourists come to Goa to enjoy the natural beauty of the place. In recent times, we have noticed that because of huge projects, we have lost our beautiful natural habitat. We now need to work towards restoring the natural beauty of the state. Goa still remains a paradise for many local and international tourists but we ought to strive to maintain that status if we want our industry to succeed and bloom. We also need to provide safe and secure environment to the tourists, especially the foreign guests. Presumably, these factors can help boost the industry in the near future.



NRGs Must Contribute Towards Goa’s Betterment

This festive season usually sees many Non-Resident Goans (NRGs) coming down to the state. This signifies a good link to their home state but I have a few observations/reservations that I would like to share. It is fine to make the best of your Goa holidays and enjoy to the maximum, as it is a huge stress reliever after what we can assume is a hectic year of work. But can the NRGs do something extra for Goa? Very few NRGs actually make an effort to contribute or give back to make Goa a better place. For instance, I know of a prominent Goan doctor in New York who, along with some colleagues in the USA, has taken pains and efforts to set up and maintain a cardiac health centre in North Goa. What, may I ask, can the overwhelming majority of NRGs also do for Goa? In my interactions, most only complain of roads, traffic, mosquitoes, poor government services, lack of hygiene, cleanliness etc which I think is a fair thing to highlight so that we know the negatives to be addressed. However, what about the positives? Are there no positives that Goa has versus the foreign lands? I personally believe that we have many positives. Does migration to foreign lands and taking up temporary residence permits there excuse the NRGs from their responsibility towards their home state? There are many ways in which the NRGs can contribute like by working with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or communities or speaking up against the injustice meted out to public on various issues and holding the politicians accountable. We can save our state and turn it into a model one with increased participation of the NRGs for the betterment of Goa.


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