Democracy Needs Fighters

All over the world, democracy seems to be throwing up dictators as heads of government who can subvert the democratic processes and do pretty much what they want like gross misuse of public funds or lording it over the cabinet or flying abroad on jaunts or treatment of personal medical problems or demanding VIP treatment., all paid for by the public exchequer. There is a special law for them as distinct of what applies to the citizens whom they represent. With trampling of human rights by powerful nations,  other nations can only bring them to justice via the International Criminal Court (ICC). I was shocked to read headlines “US Threatens to arrest International Court Judges”. The White house National Security Advisor rants “ The ICC is unaccountable” and is conducting “an utterly, unfounded, unjustifiable investigation. If the court comes after us, Israel and other allies, we will not sit quietly”. The ICC hopes to investigate human rights violations in Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan and other war zones. America sternly warns any company or State that helps the ICC in its investigations! It is telling on humanity, that most major nations are only selectively supporting the ICC ever since it started in the year 2002! China refused its decision on international rights of navigation in the China seas. Whither Justice and Humanity?

John Eric Gomes, Porvorim

Criminal Case May Be Initiated Against Any Astrologer

Now Muslim person trapped with Hindu name to earn as astrologer – Registration of all religious, spiritual leaders and astrologers be made compulsory. It refers to media-reports about absconding of some Asif Khan in Delhi befooling public in name of doing astrology with changed name Ashu Bhai, where charges of rape are levelled against him. In past some years, several so-termed spiritual and religious personalities have been jailed who earned enormous amount of money by managing very large number of followers.  People out of fear and blind-faith do not lodge complaints about frauds and cheats which have established their trade of astrology and spiritualism in large numbers. Many such less known persons are minting money and involved in unreported rape-cases. Central and state governments should make it compulsory for all astrologers, spiritual-leaders and likewise to get themselves compulsorily registered with registration-numbers prominently displayed on all their published literature, receipt-books and even sign-boards. Criminal cases may be initiated against any astrologer or spiritual person doing practice or holding gatherings without getting registration-number from the concerned government. Registration to such persons should be given only after proper police verification and certification by some elected representatives or prominent citizens but without any liability of any kind on certifying persons in case of such certified person is caught in some malpractice or crime. Otherwise no one will take risk of certifying even the genuine persons as astrologer or spiritual leader.


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