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Protests By Kerala Nuns

The open protests by a group of nuns in the streets of Kochi demanding the arrest of Bishop Mulakkal of Jalandhar diocese for the alleged rape of a nun between the years 2014 and 2016 is symptomatic of the widespread dissidence in the Catholic church for misdemeanours by the clergy and sexual abuse cases against them. However, as the matter is being investigated by police, there is little the church can do to act against the accused bishop by invoking Canon law, unless found guilty in a court of law. It, therefore, is not right to accuse the church and the police of trying to hush up the case. The church stands to gain nothing by shielding the guilty, as there are several bishops in the West, who have disgraced their positions and brought shame to the church and the church has not hesitated to act against them after being proved guilty. At the most, what the church can do is to ask the bishop to step down till he is cleared of all charges in a court of law.

A F NAZARETH, Alto Porvorim


Mobiles Affecting Relationships

The news of a ‘mystery’ man in Dona Paula and a burqa-clad man in Marshall suggests that we should remain alert and safe. Not that we must confine ourselves to a closet but rather be cautious of our acts and be prudent. Given the scary incidences occurring on a regular basis, we tend to lose trust even on our relatives. At this point of time we need to reinvent our relationships which are tampered with by the modern-day communication gadgets and social networking sites. Spend more time offline with your friends around, giving them your time and energy, because relationships grow stronger when you sacrifice oneself for the other. This will create a stronger well-knit community. Social networking sites may get us connected with our friends in distant areas and to stay connected to them is also important. But we must learn to connect with those around us because they at present make our society. So learning to adjust, responding to those around us, will harmonise our life and help it better the awkward situations. The society may not produce such mystery men thereafter. Even if there are, we will be able to stay alert and stay safe.



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