Sunday , 24 March 2019


Seat Belt As A Protective Tool

Helmets for two wheelers and seat belts for four wheelers and above are two important protective tools. Veteran Andhra Pradesh politician and film star son of late N T Rama Rao, Nandamuri Harikrishna met with a fatal accident in Narketpally village near Nalgonda the other day to send his fans into deep shock. Harikrishna was reportedly driving anywhere between 120-160 km/hour speed range and very importantly, was not wearing a seat belt. The actor-turned-politician heavily paid the price in his eagerness to cover 400 kilometres in four hours. There is unanimity that Harikrishna not wearing the seat belt spelled doom for him. The seat or safety belt acts as a Primary Restraint System by correctly positioning the passengers and reduces secondary impacts.   In speeding vehicles, passengers virtually move at the speed of the vehicle. When the vehicle stops suddenly, the passengers tend to keep moving until something goes against that motion. The seat belt can be an effective halting gear where its spring and spool work together to keep the belt snug along with the locking mechanism. Without the stopping mechanism, occupants will be thrown out like projectiles. It is estimated that about half the deaths and injuries could be prevented by seat belts. Unbelted rear seat passengers also augment the death of the front seat travellers by at least five times.


Quality of Vegetables At Govt Outlets Deteriorating

The vegetables that are available from the Horticulture Corporation outlets are again deteriorating by the day. One does not know whether it is because of the monsoon but the quality of the vegetables that are coming is downright bad and they are particularly dirty. Looking at them one does not even feel like buying them and serious doubts arise whether they are edible or not. This applies particularly to onions, potatoes and tomatoes which one can consider to be the staple vegetables that Goans eat. It is said that the worst quality of vegetables grown with the use of pesticides are especially sent to Goa. And we having no alternative, buy them at grossly inflated prices. The quality of vegetables at Panaji market with the private traders is a little better but nowhere near the freshness that you get in either Mumbai or Bengaluru. However, the limited range of local vegetables which are very much seasonal is very good. Therefore, we need to expand this local availability. Recently one read in the papers that Goa will be trying to export vegetables. This is once again barking up the wrong tree maybe at the instance of a politician or minister to satisfy his pet theories. Let us first try and supply the internal market in Goa before we even think about export. The Horticulture Corporation should pull up its socks and ensure that good quality vegetables are brought into Goa.

S KAMAT, Alto St Cruz


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