Sunday , 24 March 2019


Goa Needs A ‘Full-time’ Chief Minister

We try to be considerate towards the sick and pray that they recuperate at the earliest. But the repeated trips of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar for medication without a replacement is hampering the governance, functioning and development of the state. No doubt Parrikar is a workaholic and does whatever possible as per his calibre but his continuous breaks and tours for medication, which are at this point of time necessary for him, will definitely deviate his mind and attention, more so deteriorate his health. It is not just the Congress party that reiterates the demand for a full-time chief minister, common man also demands it or else we are sure to face issues and see them rise in the course of time. It is a clarion call to the Governor and the ministers sitting at the helm to seriously think over it before we are met with untoward situations.


Clerical Sex Abuse: Abolishing Celibacy Is Not A Solution

This is with reference to the letter ‘Church must do a rethink on celibacy’ by Michael Vaz (NT, Aug 29). The problem confronting the church leadership today is the spectre of clerical sex abuse of thousands of children in Catholic-run institutions and churches, predominantly in the West. The Pennsylvania and Ireland episodes, which have recently hit the headlines, are just the tip of the iceberg of the horrendous crimes committed by the clergy over the years. Allowing Catholic priests to marry by lifting the mandatory vow of celibacy will hardly solve the problem of sexual abuse of minors since the priests involved are either paedophiles or homosexuals. On the other hand, there are married priests in other Christian denomination churches who are known to indulge in sexual improprieties and adulterous relationships with women in their parish with serious ramifications. In such a bleak scenario of shame and scandal, the cry of the Holy Father is like the voice of the one crying in the wilderness. All we can do is to hope and pray that the “gates of hell will not prevail against the church” – a promise given by Jesus Christ the founder.

A F NAZARETH, Alto Porvorim

On Bad Roads In Corlim

It has been noticed that poor quality roads in Corlim are causing inconvenience to locals. Driving or riding a vehicle along treacherous parts of my village is turning out to be a deathtrap especially during monsoon. Most of the roads have developed potholes and the patch work undertaken using mud has served no purpose with the mud getting washed away with rain. Thus the potholes are filled with water and when it rains, motorists and two-wheeler riders find it difficult to locate the water-filled potholes causing a lot of harm to the motorists and their vehicles. Inspite of paying taxes to the government, locals are forced to use such bad roads and suffer.



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