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Government Keeps Changing Goalposts

The Supreme Court has not yet given its decision on Adhaar yet government is making it more inclusive with facial recognition in addition to fingerprint and iris scan. Reportedly there are scams accessing government schemes using Adhaar, 4 crore fingerprint failures adding to people’s fears of theft, hacking, technology glitches, poor connectivity, breach of privacy etc. Government keeps changing goalposts creating havoc for the common man! Political parties dirty tricks department extensively use social media, but they want to prevent people from using it, also stifling the media with excuse of fake news leading to lynchings and dire consequences. The latest to go viral is Air India fake news about Supreme Court ordering closure causing panic in their work force. The news was promptly denied by Air India and government. This is exactly what should happen to fake news and not open all citizens to government survellience! I trust the Supreme Court is not fooled by these gimmicks. Rahul Gandhi likens the RSS Hindutva Brotherhood equivalent to Muslim Brotherhood.  BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra calls him a contract killer of BJP/RSS idea of India. The facts that Rahul says this abroad is reprehensible but let us not forget Prime Minister Modi is invariably in election mode and first started running down the Congress when abroad? Even a remark by him in Parliament had to be expunged. It is now reported that Chief Minister of Telangana announced that Hindu temple priests will get salaries from the treasury at par with government employees, retirement age extended from 58 to 65.  Imams and Muezzins will get Rs 5000/- monthly from September 1. Besides discrimination and dangerously bringing in religion into politics, misuse of public funds, appointment of a CM Yogi Adityanath of one of the largest states in India, what about the other Indian citizen priests of Sikhs, Christians and other religions? After the example of the horrors of Partition, with increasing communal discrimination, where are we now heading?

John Eric Gomes, Porvorim


Dutee Chand  Brings glory

Being an Indian I am proud and also proud of Indian team that they make people happy with their fantastic and heart touching performance. I extend my good wishes for Odisha government that it announced a cash prize of Rs 1.5 crore for sprinter Dutee Chand for winning 100m silver. “It is a matter of pride that an athlete from Odisha has brought laurels to the country in this event after 20 years. In the 1998 Asian Games, Odisha athlete Rachita Mistri had won bronze. States should take lessons from Orissa and take step to encourage girls and provide such an opportunity, by this way the girls can progress in their lives,  nothing is impossible if you have strong willpower to do it.



Indians Take Up Coaching Assignments Abroad

For a shell-shocked nation, the ‘Kabaddi debacle’ at the ongoing 18th Asian Games at Jakarta where the national team was knocked out of contention for a top-of-the-podium finish after having won the Gold in the last seven editions of the championship may well read like a fairy-tale that went sour towards the end. For millions of Indians, the disappointment over the national squad’s dismal performance in a game that was assumed to have the country’s ‘proprietary’ rights over it clearly overrode any other consideration. India forgets that when any particular game is recognized as an international sport, the eagerness to excel in all aspects of the game pushes competing nations to their limits. The decline of Indian hockey after the country’s national game reigned supreme across the continents very explicitly explains this evolving trend in all disciplines in the current sporting scenario in the world. Moreover, the concept of ‘powerhouses’ with any one particular nation dominating the world of sports in any specified discipline is being ridiculed out of contention with ‘surprise packages’ in various global meets taking the wind out of their more established compatriots. It is however a surprise that renewed efforts of the country at regaining the lost glory in global hockey continues to be greeted with dismal results and the story of the elusive gold medal at major competitions has become a matter of routine for the national side. And now with the title of ‘Kabaddi Giants’ slipping out of India’s hands, it is time the sports-administrators initiated a quick re-think on the strategies of the game for the country to re-emerge as the champions that it once was. With the commercialization of sports and the professional leagues hosted by the country envisaging a keen global interest in various games played paving the way for Indians to take up coaching assignments abroad, it would be erroneous to believe that the coaching of the Iranian Kabaddi team by an Indian sounded the death-knell for the national team at the Jakarta-Palembang games. The end of Indian domination of Kabaddi could be seen as a signal of other nations catching up. However, as with hockey, the Asian-games disaster in Kabaddi should not portent a bleak fortune for the contact team sport that has been entertaining crowds in the country for decades now.


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