Friday , 24 May 2019


Act Against Operators Keeping Buses Off The Road On Sundays

Many private bus operators keep their buses off the road on Sundays and this causes inconvenience and trouble to many commuters. On Sunday, August 26, at 11 am, commuters proceeding towards Margao, Vasco, Sanvordem and other villages around Ponda were seen stranded at the old bus stand in Ponda in large numbers. There was not a single private bus at the bus stand at that particular moment. Officials at the Road Transport Office (RTO) in Ponda should take a serious note of this and initiate stringent action against bus operators, who repeatedly keep their buses off the road on Sundays (and even on public holidays) without prior intimation to this competent authority. Defaulters in this regard should be dealt with a firm hand.


Suntikoppa, An Oasis Of Communal Harmony

Apart from the deluge of communalism and intolerance unleashed upon the nation since the advent of ‘good days’, Karnataka has also witnessed muscle-flexing of Hindutva brigade which also includes vandalisation of churches and portraying the Christian missionaries as “devils” going all-out to “convert” the Hindus or tribals! Yet, in midst of such vicious environment, Suntikoppa has emerged as an oasis of communal harmony and an island of hope in such an intolerant time, thereby once again establishing the eternal and ultimate truth of humanity. Irrespective of religious differences, the flood-ravaged neighbouring villagers are not only being given shelter and provided basic amenities of life; common kitchen is being run in madrasa, eating in church and sleeping in temple. What an example of ideal India being set up by Suntikoppa! It is high time Indians woke up from the slumber, got rid of all brainwashing tactics by the vested interests and tried to evaluate who represents the real essence of India and unity – Suntikoppa or the self-declared nationalists just trampling over Haryana to Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra-Gujarat to Assam and trying to inject the drug of communalism in the erstwhile secular land of Bengal based on the humanitarian legacy of Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam. Suntikoppa has once again proved that if Indians try to remain united by coexisting harmoniously with all linguistic, religious and caste groups, no amount of vitriolic attacks and communal fangs will succeed in fragmenting the society. If all Indians try to emulate Suntikoppa, the self-appointed guardians of Hinduism, ‘nationalism’ and ‘patriotism’ will be searching for the nearest door to escape with life and their poisonous baggage of communalism.


Traffic Snarls On Panaji-Margao Highway

I would like to thank the Congress party for highlighting the issue of massive traffic snarls that delayed commuters by 2-3 hours along the Agacaim-Verna route for the past couple of days. The traffic snarls inconvenienced many frequent travellers on the route, with some missing their flights while others being compelled to skip important meetings and social events. The traffic snarls were mainly caused due to mismanagement by the concerned authorities. I highly appreciate the Congress party for highlighting the issue.