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Lynchings Must End

The cow lynching exercise has in the last few days spread to Assam where again you have a BJP-led government. One person died in the incident and three were seriously injured which was sparked by allegations of the victims stealing cattle. Thus in cow lynching cases, for one cow at least generally a Muslim or a Dalit are being killed. These mindless killings have to stop since the attackers are not applying their mind to what happens after their action. The cows in the inability of their being returned to their rightful owners are put in shelters. And with no one to care for them properly there have been a huge number of deaths at these shelters which are supposed to care for the cattle. Rajasthan saw 200 cattle deaths in 2016 in a shelter just outside Jaipur. In Chhattisgarh it is a regular affair with 50 cattle dead in 2017 with lesser numbers in between and even a couple of weeks back another 18 have died after being kept in a room with no ventilation.   The cows mostly die because of starvation and thirst since there could be issues of funding of the shelters but mostly it is because of negligence of those running the shelters. Apart from the States mentioned above cow deaths in shelters have been seen across India ranging from Maharashtra to Andhra Pradesh and others. If cows or cattle in general who are not milk producing can be slaughtered then it serves as a dietary supplement and also generates employment in the leather trade for a large part of our population. This home truth has to be drilled into the minds of those that profess to love the cow. It is only then that the current spate of cow lynchings across the country will come to an end.



Stability of Zuari Bridge

A video clip claiming to show a large crack on Zuari Bridge went viral on social media causing panic and alarm among people having to cross the bridge. The traffic authorities later confirmed that the video was fake and ruled out any such crack on the bridge. This may be a false alarm, but what is significant is the apparent fear psychosis that seems to have crept into the minds of the people. It is pertinent to note that due to the massive traffic jams experienced on the bridge, several vehicles including, heavy vehicles like buses, could be stranded on the bridge at any given point of time. This will obviously put a lot of stress continuously on the bridge for long periods of time. This traffic congestion has been experienced for several days now. It would thus be prudent for the authorities concerned to conduct a thorough check of the bridge at the present juncture as is being routinely done. This will allay all fears about the stability of the bridge that may have crept into the mind of the travelling public as a result of the continuous traffic congestion over it.



Heavy Vehicles Cause Traffic Snarls

With the slew of development works being carried out in Goa, it hasn’t been unusual to have heavy earth moving machineries traversing the highways of the state since then. Today, the number of shovels, excavators, road-rollers and hydra cranes easily outnumber other modes of public transport and collectively constitute a major percentage of the daily traffic. Besides being the cause of traffic snarls at peak hours, the damage the asphalted surfaces suffer due to the movement of these machines has further compounded the commuting woes of the travelling public. It just cannot be denied that the movement of construction equipment and machines at the new Zuari bridge site has definitely contributed to the inordinate delay in vehicular movement along the Bambolim-Cortalim stretch leading to the traffic jams witnessed. The utilitarian value of the machines has further prompted various industrial establishments and private entrepreneurs to employ them for major works to tide over the perennial problem of manpower shortage that hampers their functioning. But with the heavy equipment virtually running riot on the Goan roads, it is definitely a worry that addressing the safety concerns of the general public has never featured in the order of priorities for the authorities. Moreover, the reckless handling and wayward driving of the cranes and such other heavy machines by operators who hardly conform to the notions of experts in their fields calls for immediate steps by the state transport department to address the issue of safety on the roads. Frequent accidents involving heavy-duty machines reported from different parts of the state however fail to spur the administration into action over the sensibility of allowing them to ply on the highways and busy thoroughfares of the cities and adjoining areas. Considering that it has been a norm in foreign countries to facilitate the movement of such heavy machines by mounting them on trailers, why are we blatantly ignoring the safety standards on the roads and jeopardizing the lives of the travelling public! Awareness campaigns on road safety should include this aspect of ‘traffic violation’ which could otherwise invite disastrous consequences.

Mob-fury over accidents involving heavy machines is thus a futile and senseless response to the ineffective ways of the concerned authorities to curb the malaise of these ‘road-monsters’ running amok on public thoroughfares.


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