Monday , 20 May 2019


Divisive Politics In West Bengal

SO from now on we will have to learn about India’s Independence and formation of the republic not from our history books as well as historians of repute but from the BJP – because it is the only ‘nationalist’ party left in our midst – and from once-upon-a-time TV starlet Roopa Ganguly perhaps because of her “great credential” of playing the role of a character from the epic of ‘Sanatan Bharat’! So as to suit its vitriolic communal agenda upon which their electoral tactics is itself based, it is being brazenly stated that West Bengal was intended to be a “state for Hindus”! Firstly, it was not Bengal which got divided; the larger reality remains that India itself was partitioned on the demand of homeland for Muslims. So neither it suggests that there should be no place for Hindus in Pakistan or Bangladesh, nor does it mean that India or West Bengal becomes the sole preserve of Hindus! Not only is Ganguly and her party are absolutely ignorant of India’s Constitution based on secularism – by terming only West Bengal as “state for Hindus”–  it also indirectly delivers the message that Hindu refugees from erstwhile East Bengal should have no place in other Indian states including Assam thereby providing  moral boost to the highly controversial  heartless NRC! No condemnation is enough for the divisive outfit for terming the indigenous Bengali Muslims as “aliens” in West Bengal and injecting the drug of communalism in the land boasting of secular tradition of Bangaliana based on the humanitarian ideals of Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam.



A Great Loss To Indian Journalism

WITH the death of veteran journalist and writer Kuldip Nayar, India has lost a great champion of the basic tenets of the Indian Constitution. Nayar was an unparalleled journalist. I have been a long-time reader of his writings, and I can vouch for his felicity and preciosity in the writings, which always simplified complex issues for readers. The veteran journalist will always be remembered for his extraordinary contribution to the Indian journalism.



Faults In Goa’s Education System

WITH several posts in departments and government-run corporations lying vacant due to the state government’s indecisiveness on recruitments, the recent remarks by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar taking an affirmative action on employment to these posts should have brought cheer to many seeking a public-sector job. Hence the news that all 8000 candidates who appeared for a written examination for the post of accountant in the directorate of accounts failed to secure qualifying marks required for clearing the initial recruitment examination comes as a shock! With no obvious reason imaginable for this mass-failure of candidates to clear the first hurdle, it becomes difficult to figure out how the government intends filling up the 80 posts of accountant existing in the directorate of accounts. With the   media across the country going overboard to publicize the ‘rare’ achievement of these job aspirants in Goa, it is the standard of education in the state that has mainly come in for harsh criticism. Calling this ‘debacle’ a sad commentary on the collapse of the state’s education system, fingers are being pointed at the Goa University and the commerce colleges that produce these graduates. When the passing percentage of the written exams conducted for the post of accountants in Goa since 2012 has always been low, it becomes difficult to understand the indifference shown by the aspirants to meticulously plan their preparations and crack the selection tests. With a stiff competition expected for the limited number of posts notified, the onus is always on the candidates to produce their best to satisfy the requirements of the selection committee and earn themselves the post vied for. But, as in this case, the mass failure  of the candidates appearing for the  examination portends a trend where most of the jobseekers depend on the ‘influence’ of their ‘benefactors’ more than their education prowess and abilities to get them the coveted government post.