Tuesday , 21 May 2019


Church Under Cloud In US

THE Pennsylvania sex scandal, which has come to light after the report of the grand jury that around 300 priests were involved in sexually  abusing around 1000 children over the past 70 years, is the latest to rock the Church and invite censure of priests and bishops by Pope Francis. Needless to say that the abuses   would not have happened had the bishops taken strict action and not covered up the guilt of the rapist priests. Even more shocking is the news that one of Pope Francis’ trusted cardinals was also involved in sexually abusing children and adult seminarians. It is sad that Pope Francis has taken upon himself once again the guilt of the Catholic Church and begged for forgiveness for the pain and trauma inflicted upon the victims. Bishops too have shamelessly apologised for their involvement in cover-up of the sexual abuse cases. But this hardly makes sense as this has now become a routine practice. The question then is: what is the solution to this vexing problem that has shaken the faith of the faithful and shamed the Church. What measures are being taken to punish the guilty and ensure that our children are safe in the hands of our anointed ones?


In Praise Of Kerala’s Good Samaritans

BEING a person from Kerala and victim of the devastating floods I  would like to shed light on the heroic role played by over 5000  ‘unknown angels’, who rose to the occasion and rescued the marooned people. These angels are none other than the poor fishermen who live along the coastal areas of Kerala. As soon as riverbanks and towns had been flooded and thousands had been marooned the fishermen took out their canoes and boats, loaded them onto lorries and trucks and rushed to the flooded areas 150 km away, and began to rescue the stranded  people. They did not bother about the damages their canoes and boats suffered, but single-mindedly continued their rescue operation. It has been estimated that more than 60,000 marooned people were rescued by the 5000 Good Samaritans with their more than 600 canoes and boats. Army officials praised them for the exemplary service; in fact Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has been grateful to them for their heroic role in the rescue operation. I too bow my head before these angels.