Saturday , 23 March 2019


Protests Galore In Goa

Goa in the past earned the sobriquet of being Susegad. The four centuries plus of Portuguese rule had almost crippled self projections of grievances in mass protests. The sedentary habits of mid day rest has perhaps more to do with the label. Even today most establishments in Goa close from 1 pm to 4 pm bringing business to a grinding halt and staggeringly open up late to close by 7 pm. It may be good for regulating daily hours of work and prevent exploitation of employees. Today Goans are up in arms against projects of developments, assigning hidden motives, destruction of ecology and environment. The environmentalists are a new self appointed brigade influencing decisions for us. There are groups of individuals specializing and mobilising masses, students in all types of resentments against roads, bridges, factories, educational institutions, mobile towers, housing complexes, employment of locals, taxi stir, barge, and truck deployments, you name it. The concretisation of Goa is changing the demography, traditions and customs leading to marginalisation of local population which does not bother us and politicians. At the same time we are lamenting about lack of employment facilities, which fuels migration not out of choice but necessity to survive the migration. Loads of migrants are finding Goa as Eldorado, where no Goans are willing to work, depending on migrant labour and protesting against the influx.



Signages In Bars And Restaurants

Goa police reportedly conducted a special drive on Friday against drunken driving throughout the state which will continue in future (NT August 11). It is pertinent to note that the excise department in the state had issued circulars asking all those serving alcohol to put up signage discouraging drinking and driving. All premises serving alcohol were required to put up a cautionary display board with the message ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’. Not only bars but even restaurants serving alcohol were expected to put up the signboard within their premises. But it is understood that these signboards are conspicuous by their absence. Not all premises serving alcohol have put up this signboard. The authorities need to make it mandatory for the signage to be displayed at a prominent place within the premises by making these signage available to the owners of bars and restaurants serving liquor. It would be desirable for this signboard to be made mandatory even in shops selling wholesale liquor since many a time tourists carry alcoholic drinks to be consumed in their vehicles. It would also be in the fitness of things for this signboard to be printed in Hindi as well besides English. A drunk driver poses danger not only to self but other road users and pedestrians.



Disciplining Foul-Mouthed Legislators

The politicians in our country making irresponsible statements has become a regular feature.  The BJP MLA from Ramgarh constituency of Alwar district in Rajasthan has entered into the worst controversy saying that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was not a Pandit as he used to eat beef and pork. Delving a little further the word Pandit comes from the Sanskrit word Pandita, which means learned that can be further generalised to connote a knowledgeable and intellectual person. Pandit also applies to a scholar of Sanskrit and Hindu philosophy. That apart, Nehru was from a family of Kashmiri Pandits. He had graduated from Trinity College Cambridge and was a barrister. He was a nationalist and joined the Indian independence movement under Mahatma Gandhi. He became the first Prime Minister of India and was the architect of modern India. He was also a historian and writer who authored the book ‘Discovery of India’. So the word Pandit aptly applies to this great son of India in totality. I cannot imagine what beef and pork eating has to do with the title of Pandit. Moreover is there anything to prove that consuming pork and beef makes you inferior, or that abstaining from these non-veg products takes you to the top of the world? The entire western world relishes on these items but aren’t they the ones who are associated with most of the greatest discoveries and inventions? Next, where do even the best Indian universities figure in the list of the premier institutes of the world? So it is not what you eat and drink that maketh a man. What I eat and drink is my personal concern and even the top judiciary of the country has said that food habits are integral to the fundamental right to life itself. It is fitting to state here that the same MLA has in the recent past made some reckless statements that cow slaughter was a bigger crime than terrorism. He is the one who had said that people who smuggle and slaughter cows would be killed. No wonder that the two lynching deaths of innocent Muslim cattle traders were reported from Alwar. Such are our leaders who are supposed to be the torch bearers for the younger generation. Shockingly, despite making such ruthless and inflammatory statements he is allowed to move freely. It is unfortunate that the BJP leadership beginning with the CM Vasundhara Raje is so incapable of even warning such leaders to mind their articulations.


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