Wednesday , 12 December 2018


Scheming To Avail Schemes

THE Comptroller and Auditor General in its report has come down heavily on the implementation of social welfare schemes of the state government. Former chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar has also rued about the looting of the public exchequer by fake and crafty beneficiaries of the welfare schemes – Dayanand   Social Security Scheme, Griha Adhar and Ladli Laxmi.  I understand that the applications for the schemes are scrutinised and vetted by a committee, which has Opposition leader and directors of social welfare and women and child welfare as its members. The committee reposes faith in the MLAs who usually recommend the applicants. Now flaws in the DSSS implementation have been attributed to the software that operates it. It has been reported that  Chief Minister  Manohar Parrikar has ordered a survey of all beneficiaries of all welfare schemes, and those who have  fraudulently availed the schemes will face criminal action. Will the MLAs also face action?


Tread Cautiously On Mining Resumption

THE state government has been pushing for the resumption of iron ore mining, which was halted by the Supreme Court in February this year.   Due diligence should be exercised while making efforts to resume mining operations: all the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court must be honoured. One of the options    before the government is the formation of a mining corporation, which could be beneficial for all Goans. The interests of the larger mining community and dependants, who earn their living by the sweat of their brows, should be addressed. It should be emphasised here that the government has indicated a hike in water and electricity charges. The prices of foodgrains   like rice, wheat and pulses have been on the rise. Overall inflation has also been on uptick.     Taking these realities into consideration, it should be uppermost in our minds to protect the interests of the affected working class which have to toil to make ends meet. Environmental concerns should also be factored in while pushing for resuming the iron ore mining because our ecosystem should not be adversely affected due to haphazard mining activities.



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