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Political Deadwood Must Leave Arena

THIS  is with reference to the news report  ‘Vijay wants retirement  age fixed for politicians’ (NT, August 6, 2018).  Town and Country Planning Minister   Vijay Sardesai has suggested that the retirement age of politicians should be fixed  to pave the way for the new generation to come in.  Sardesai,  who is also the president of the Goal Forward Party, needs to be commended for making a Kamaraj-like suggestion that will infuse new blood in politics.  Besides, deadwood needs to be taken out of the system, as it cannot be burnt! Politicians, enter politics at a young age and continue till death do them part. Very rarely  do we hear of a politician retiring. Personally I have no problem  with politicians continuing for life.  Let them work for the people. However, no politician above 65 years, should be eligible for any ministerial  post or office of profit. Then we shall know how many of them, really work for the people.


On FDA Oversight  Of Imported Fish

NINETY-FOUR fish-laden trucks entered Goa in the wee hours on Sunday. It is understood that the fish samples cleared the FDA tests confirming no presence of chemicals. However several questions remain unanswered. Is it possible to test all the fish in the numerous crates present in one single truck? There is every possibility that fish not treated with chemicals is loaded only at the top in each crate. The government has stated that FDA lacks the required technology and the same would be put in place soon. Has the technology now been put in place? The vehicles carrying fish from other states arrive at the state’s border between 1 am and 4 am. This is a huge challenge for the food safety officers to conduct the spot tests of fish samples and clear the trucks that wait in a long queue. Will the FDA officials be able to cope with the workload? It is understood that there are a total of 18 food safety officers who monitor the state borders for adulterated fish at Polem and Patradevi check-posts. The FDA officials also need to first verify the documents from the fish-carrying vehicles including the FDA approval of the respective state. The technology cannot be used to test shellfish and samples have to be sent to the testing laboratory at Bambolim. Is it morally and ethically right to burden these officers with work at unearthly hours at the state borders, far away from their residences? The entire testing exercise could collapse under its own weight in the days to come. What is required is a permanent ban on import of fish from other states.



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