Thursday , 23 May 2019


The World Is One

If “nationalism” gets awarded greater importance than humanity; then the Assam “infiltrators” should definitely be thrown out! But our “nationalist” friends should also stop parroting the zealous rhetoric of “international brotherhood” so as to project India’s “principles” of upholding humanitarian liberalism! Also when sovereign countries like USA, UK or Australia will desire to restrict its visa or entry policy, India should desist from zealously protesting! Certainly the foreign nations don’t hold any “monopoly” of sorts to keep their doors open for all specially the Indians! It seems that the alien nations are duty-bound to keep flying the flag of “humanity” high above so as to embrace millions of incoming Indians. Bengal BJP president has made it clear that he will throw out the “supporters of the infiltrators” from this state as well! So I am also destined to get thrown out! Still I would continue to pay obeisance to Rabindranath Tagore and Albert Einstein who always used to accord much higher priority to humanity than “nationalism”.


Scientific Disposal Of Plastic Waste

Several steps are being taken by the government and the civic bodies to stop, or even minimize, plastic pollution in the state. One of the steps often talked about is the ban on plastic carry-bags in the market-place. It is true that plastic pollution is a matter of grave concern and can have a profound effect on human and animal life in the not so distant future. However the question to be asked is whether carry-bags are the only source of plastic pollution. The answer appears to be a big ‘No’. In fact carry-bags could form a very small percentage of the plastic pollution we encounter. It is pertinent to note that almost every item available in the market is packed in a plastic package one way or the other. These include food-items, gifts-items, ready-made clothes, consumer durables, the list seems endless. All this plastic waste could be a bigger contributor to the plastic pollution than the plastic carry-bags. Then comes the soft-drinks, the alcoholic drinks, medicines, edible stuff, etc. which come packed in plastic bottles. All this plastic waste contributes in a big way to clogging of the drains leading to flooding during the rains. So is a ban on plastic carry-bags the only solution to stop plastic pollution? The citizens are advised to shun plastic carry bags and instead use paper bags. It must be said that the use of plastic carry-bags is popular because it is convenient to carry wet food stuff like fish, meat, etc. Ever tried carrying fish in a paper bag? The paper bag will give way even before one reaches home. And what about carrying the stuff you bought at the market in a paper-bag on a rainy day?