Tuesday , 19 February 2019


Screening And Issuing Of Health Cards

The 61-day fishing-ban has come to an end on August 1. Obviously the fishing activities will commence in right earnest. However it is understood that the migrant labourers have been coming to the state in a trickle. In the days to come theses labourers who work at the fishing jetty will come in droves. The question to be asked is whether arrangements are in place to screen these labourers coming from other states for vector-borne diseases. Dengue has raised its ugly head at the Cutbona fishing jetty with two labourers having tested positive for the vector-borne disease. The boat owners need to get the migrant labourers screened for vector-borne diseases at the local health centres as and when these labourers arrive in the state. The fisheries department needs to make it mandatory for the boat-owners to get their labourers screened and given a health card. It seems prudent for the authorities to carry out regular checks of the migrant labourers to see if they possess the mandatory health cards. When the labourers arrive to the state in large numbers in the coming days, it may be difficult to screen them all at once. Hence the screening and issuing of health cards should begin  in right earnest at the beginning of the fishing season itself.


No Value For Children’s Lives

It is reported once again that a toddler has fallen down an open borehole in Bihar. After the first  incidence  of child falling down a borehole, the government should have ensured exemplary punishment to the defaulter, made it public as a deterrent and ensured no repetition of open bore or manholes? But this has happened again and again with loss of lives and maiming despite the Supreme Court finally issuing instructions to  make the  State Secretaries responsible after suitable orders are issued. No one knows what happened after the many rescues and deaths due to falling down open boreholes thereafter and what action was taken besides perhaps compensation to the poor victims parents who would have been blamed! That is not enough to absolve anyone for the loss of a young life. I wonder whether this one also will go the same way and inevitably there will be open boreholes/ manholes somewhere in India left carelessly open with impunity. Is this not absolutely  shameful incompetence of government and failure of law to bring all concerned to book and ensure safety of all citizens and zero tolerance for repetition of such default?

John Eric Gomes, Porvorim


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