Sunday , 21 April 2019


FDA Chief Has Powers Of Commissioner

This has reference to the news that appeared in this daily dated July 19 and the editorial of July 27 as regards appointment of two Commissioners of Food Safety for the state of Goa. In this regard, it is sought to clarify the issue as regards appointment of Commissioner of Food Safety as under. Kindly note that as per Section 30(1) of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, the Secretary (Health) to the government of Goa is appointed as the Commissioner of Food Safety for the state vide notification dated 12/08/2011. Further, as provided under sub section 3 of Section 30 of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, the powers and functions of the Commissioner of Food Safety (except the powers to appoint designated officers, food safety officers and food analyst) are delegated to the director, Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) vide government order dated 20/06/2012. This arrangement is not new and has been in force since 2012.


Zero Tolerance To Drunk Driving

Notwithstanding minor infringements of traffic rules by motorists, and other roadside impediments of strays and squatting cattle, the bad news is that drunk driving, overspeeding and bad roads are the main reasons why people are being killed on Goan roads due to accidents at an alarming rate of one person every 30 hours. The transport department has also reported that on an average around two driving licences were cancelled during the first half of 2018. New alcometers and road radars have been recently purchased to check for drunk driving and overspeeding. Mysteriously, however, the number of road accidents and deaths has started to rise. While there appears to be no antidote for this malady, the only option remaining is to follow the policy of zero tolerance to drunk driving by emulating the example of the Mumbai Regional Transport Office (RTO). Strict breath-analyser checks in the vicinity of hotels, bars and nightclubs with heavy fines and imprisonment have put a scare into most Mumbaikars and have drastically reduced the number of road accidents due to drunk driving. Mumbaikars, as a result, have no choice other than to keep their vehicles at home and travel by taxis for all outdoor parties. Is the Goa Regional Transport Office or RTO ready for this?

A F NAZARETH, Alto Porvorim


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