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Repair Streetlights At Adpai Jetty

Since July 11, streetlights along the Adpai jetty in Ponda taluka have been non-functional and pedestrians and travellers using this important jetty are being inconvenienced. Many people proceed for work at Verna, Vasco and the neighbouring areas via the Adpai ferry. Due to darkness during late evenings and night time, women in particular remain the worst sufferers while returning from work. There is every possibility of miscreants robbing them of their valuables and cash. Chances of molestation also cannot be ruled out. Neither the linesmen deputed in this jurisdiction nor the elected representatives of the local village panchayat of Durbhat have initiated any favourable action for assuring relief to the public at large. It seems human lives are taken for granted. It is absolutely necessary for the higher officials at the electricity department in Ponda to take a note of this important matter and issue necessary instructions to the maintenance staff to undertake prompt repairs of these neglected fixtures on priority basis.


‘Bed Of Thorns’ For Kumaraswamy

No position or responsibility is a bed of roses. A holder of every position is expected to give it his/her best shot. Important things in the world have been done by people, who tried their best despite little hope at the end of the tunnel. Only when challenges confront persons, their measure and depth can be deciphered. Many a time a person gives up when he/she is close to success. Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy wept openly the other day ruing how the Chief Minister’s post had become a “bed of thorns.”  Kumaraswamy, like his father, H D Deve Gowda, often breaks down in public. People usually do not expect their Chief Minister to cry in the open. They want their Chief Minister to be in control and keep opponents in check. Kumaraswamy should practice some breathing exercise or count from one to ten, to overcome shedding tears in front of the people. He should stop cribbing over the Congress party breathing down his neck because he cannot say the former thrust the Chief Minister’s post on him. His father, Deve Gowda, had instantly accepted the support offered by Congress president Rahul Gandhi after the BJP fell short of numbers in the assembly, to make his son the Chief Minister. Now, having accepted the gauntlet, Kumaraswamy should mean business. In a coalition, there will be differences of opinion and much worse, especially when a larger partner who has enjoyed the fruits of power is constantly in an inquisitive mode. The finance budget presented by Kumaraswamy received both bouquets and brickbats. Maybe, the Chief Minister was annoyed with his predecessor Siddaramaiah downplaying the budget but when two old, sworn enemies come together, one should be ready to face the music. The game has just begun in Bengaluru and HDK should not call it quits so soon.



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