Thursday , 17 October 2019
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Of Priests And Their Sins

THIS is with reference to the letter ‘Unholy deeds of holy men’ by Robert Castellino (NT, July 11, 2018). More than defending the bishop and clergy, accused of rape of a nun in the controversial sex scandal in Kerala, the writer of the Catholic weekly ‘Indian Currents’ has rightly raised doubts about the rape charges levelled by the nun in question on the grounds that the nun would not have remained silent for four years (2014-18) had she been violated 13 times. Rape, therefore being ruled out in this case, it does not however exonerate the clergy of the guilt and sinfulness of consensual sex. Such cases involving the clergy are not uncommon in the Church history. Bishops are also known to cover up such cases by shielding the priests. This is why Pope Francis and his predecessors had to apologise several times for sexual abuse cases by priests, even on minors. We also see this happening in our country with some of our ‘god men’ running ashrams and raping their women followers. All this has shaken the faith of the faithful and brought into question the integrity of such ‘holy men”.



Sustaining Goa’s Tourism

WE, the people of Goa, should welcome the draft CRZ notification 2018 of the Centre. This notification has been drafted keeping in mind the interest of stakeholders in the tourism sector. The notification will prove to be beneficial not only for the stakeholders but other Goans who are remotely connected with the sector. The NGOs and other activists opposed to the draft notification are self-centered people. These so-called activists, who do not enjoy support of the people from coastal villages,   are opposed to development and industrialisation.  Our   state ought to be developed, and employment opportunities must be generated to sustain the populace of Goa. Of course, ecological balance must be maintained, but these NGOs and activists are obstructing the forward movement of development in the name of environment. I must affirm here that coal, which is an important raw material, must be allowed to be transported. There must be inland waterways in Goa so that people get another mode of transport.



Durbhat Road A Deathtrap

THE road in Durbhat village of Ponda taluka is pothole-ridden and puts the lives of motorists, especially two-wheeler riders, in danger.   Many people who travel to Agassaim, Cortalim, Verna, Vasco and other locations take this road as it is connected to ferry wharfs. Motorists are forced to manoeuver their way on this pothole-ridden lest they meet with serious road accident. I do not know whether local MLA and PWD Minister Ramakrishna Dhavalikar is aware of the poor condition of the road. Moreover the local village panchayat is not doing anything to rectify the situation. Prompt repairs of this road should be carried out before the existing situation turns from bad to worse.



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