Saturday , 20 April 2019


Unholy Deeds Of Holy Men

RECENTLY a Delhi-based Catholic weekly ‘Indian Currents’ carried an article,   which attempts  to defend the clergy as regards certain happenings in Kerala. The recent incidents highlighted in the national press concerning the clergy in Kerala have embarrassed Catholics no end.  It is virtually impossible to defend the clergy except to say that like all others, priests too are humans. In the face of serious charges, community members are compelled to maintain stoic silence as there are no extenuating circumstances. The writer of the article A J Philip, however, has taken upon himself the task of defending the clergy, which only adds to our discomfiture. The burden of his long article is that consensual sex is not rape. He seems to have forgotten that the accused are not laymen and have no business to indulge in consensual sex.  Worse still, the sacred sacrament of reconciliation (confession) has been allegedly misused by the clergy as a conduit for sexual favours. Worse still, his entire article is filled with aspersions on the character of the victim. This is not acceptable.  We as Catholics are not concerned about the integrity of the victim.  We are concerned about the integrity of our clergy and while we admit that they are human we cannot go about defending them in this manner. Silence is the best option.


Hassled By Procedures

THE government has been pushing for ‘ease of doing business’. But what about easing the procedural hurdles in the common man’s life? The government ought to make citizens’ lives easier with efficient use of computer system by bringing about administrative reforms urgently. The infrastructure also is not up to the mark. It appears that the government has not learnt anything from the chaos caused by the implementation of demonetisation and goods and services tax. Consider the inconveniences caused to the aam aadmi at post offices and banks, which are always crowded and customers are handled at a snail’s pace. My plight at a nationalised bank is illustrative. I wanted to transfer my bank account from the main branch of a nationalised bank in Panaji to the Porvorim branch.  The job was to fill up a form for the transfer of the bank account to the Porvorim branch. I phoned the Panaji manager. He is new and does not know where Porvorim is. Fair enough. He sought a whole lot of information, which I gave. Bur there is no action even after a week.   So I as a senior citizen have to undertake in this flooding situation a trip to the bank in Panaji, fill up the form there and submit photocopies of all important documents. And this is not even opening a new bank account, but just a transfer of the existing account from one branch of the same bank to the other. Oh my God, this is outright harassment!



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