Tuesday , 13 November 2018


Don’t Be Liberal With Mercy Pleas

THIS is with reference to the Supreme Court turning down the review petition of the four accused in Nirbhaya case.  But still there remains yet another time-consuming option of a mercy petition with the President of India. We should bring about a system where all judicial proceedings at different stages are completed in a time-bound manner, including decisions on mercy petitions in crimes attracting death penalty, so that an early execution of the accused may deter the   criminal-minded people. It is good that only recently a trial court in Madhya Pradesh awarded within 46 days death sentence to a convict for raping a minor girl, and the police also supersonically filed the chargesheet within a record time of three days. The lengthy time-consuming process – from the stage of trial court to the SC – makes the punishment by death sentence meaningless as criminals do not get intimidated.   Mercy petitions should be decided compulsorily within three months of their filing, and should be accepted only in rarest of rare cases that too after compulsorily seeking nod from families of victims. Mercy should be exception rather than a rule.


Burglars Cash In On Unguarded ATM Booths

RECENTLY unknown burglars decamped with the ATM machine housed in a booth at Aquem Baixo. The stolen ATM machine was finally recovered at Sao Jose de Areal but sans the money amounting to Rs 7.62 lakh. The ATM booth was reportedly not manned by a security guard.  The culprits uprooted the machine after tampering with the CCTV camera. It seems that the CCTV cameras installed in the ATM booths do not act as a deterrent to burglars, as the cameras can easily be covered by a piece of cloth or a tape. This is not the first time that such a theft has occurred in Goa. In 2017, an ATM machine was stolen from a booth at Agarwada in Mapusa. It must be said that there are several ATM booths which are located at isolated places and away from the premises of the bank branch. Such booths can be easy targets for their machines, and even for skimming frauds. Banks need to weigh the option of closing down the shutters after dusk of these ATM booths located at isolated places where no security guard is posted during the night. At night people can always visit the ATM booths which are located in the cities.



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