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Install More Traffic Signals

SOME people are quick to protest when little inconvenience is caused to them while overseeing the greater good done to the general public.  After installing the new signals at the junction near old market, Margao, there was hue and cry from some people as the vehicles were getting delayed. These are teething problems as it is the first time the signals are installed at that junction. The traffic authorities have rectified the problem within a day. All over the world there are traffic signals and the traffic moves smoothly. One difference though is wherever signals are installed there are no turnabouts in the middle. Therefore to ease the vehicular movement at Margao junction, the radius of the turnabout could be reduced. The left hand side of the road can easily be widened then there will be free movement of vehicles towards Colva, Fatorda and Margao. Infact more signals must be installed in Margao town especially near Margao municipality building and near Fatorda stadium. Besides automatic signals, the traffic police must start issuing challans for wrongly parked vehicles on the main road in Margao which is one of the main causes for traffic jams during peak hours.



Encourage Tree Plantation Drives

VANAMOHATSAVA week will be observed in Goa from July 1 to 7.  Tree plantation should be made a mass movement in the state in order to create a greener environment. Planting a tree should not be viewed as a ritual, but as a conscious contribution to preserving a clean and green environment which the present generation has to pass on to our next generation. As most of the schools in Goa, reopened for the new academic year 2018 -19, on June 4, the schools could not plan to observe the World Environment Day which was on June 5. This year, our country was given the privilege by the United Nations environment agency, as the global host of 2018.  The directorate of education could plan to have combined celebration of World Environment Day and the Vanamohatsava week from July 1 to 7 by requesting all schools, colleges and institutions to have some tree plantation programmes. Senior students belonging to eco clubs, social service groups, etc should create awareness and educate village folks on planting and protecting trees to maintain ecological balance.  The youth of Goa should be the flame to make Goa an ideal state in the country.



Kejriwal Still Cannot Get Around Without Activism

WHEN activists like Arvind Kejriwal become chief ministers they are unfortunately unable to forget their previous background. When Kejriwal was part of the Anna Hazare movement which led to the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party, the same activist orientation was seen. Further back when you sought an opinion from Kejriwal, he would somehow manage to link it to RTI which was his strength or competence area. For activists results are not important. For them the process of protest and the fact that there is a protest is important. Thus after becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi with the AAP getting a stupendous majority, instead of assessing his position, analysing it properly and then deciding upon a work strategy to meet his constitutional responsibilities, Kejriwal started ranting against Modi and the LG and the central government. Now, it is patently clear that he was following a wrong strategy of blaming the Centre for everything. This kind of thing is done when a person is convinced that he cannot deliver on the job and then manufactures excuses to throw a smokescreen around himself in the hope that he can divert the attention of the people. Everyone in Kejriwal’s opinion is wrong. Now this cannot happen since if you tend to blame everyone then you in fact turn the spotlight back to yourself and your party and people will start asking the question – What’s wrong with these guys? The present support that Kejriwal has been receiving from the TMC, JD(S), Telugu Desam and the CPI(M) is only opportunistic keeping an eye on the 2019 elections and to wave the flag of opposition solidarity. If the upcoming Lok Sabha elections were not there none of these parties would have even given Kejriwal a glance.


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