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Sorrows Of Ribandar

NOW that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who is also our MLA is back, he has to attend on a priority to the long-standing problems faced by Ribandar. Ribandar is part of the Corporation of City of Panaji, but as far as overall development and civic amenities are concerned, it   remains utterly neglected. Despite the very high municipal taxes we pay, Ribandar has been in a decaying state. Even some villages in Goa are much better off. Ribandar has for decades been demanding a football ground, a community hall and a proper market. But these long-standing demands of the Ribandar people are yet to be fulfilled. We do not have a children’s park or a garden, or a public library; and there is lack of proper sanitation with garbage strewn all over. Erratic power and water supply has been the order of the day. And for the Fonduvem ward of Ribandar even the dead are denied a proper cremation. Wooing the  voters during the assembly by-election in August last year, Parrikar had promised  the residents of Ribandar that he would ensure that within three months medical services are made available at the old Goa medical college and hospital at Ribandar. But that has not happened.


Tragedy By Invitation

THE rough Arabian  Sea claimed five  lives when they went for a swim at  the world famous Calangute beach  in North Goa  district early morning.  This tragedy is by no means the first of its kind in Goa; it may not be the last one either. Anybody who has gone to the Goa beaches during this time  of the year will testify for the fact that the authorities have an impeccable system to  warn tourists against going to the sea. The government’s  monsoon precaution – no sea swimming from June to August – has not been relaxed a bit.  The decision of  the group from Maharashtra that  arrived in Goa at 4 am and rushed to the sea as early as 6 am smacks of irresponsibility.  Everyone’s heart goes out for the departed souls, but one is constrained to observe that the caution was thrown to the winds by the travellers.   Constant supervision and augmented technology should supplement tourist education and regulation to prevent drowning incidents. Drunk tourists may be told  to cool their heels in the bars only.   However, everything boils down to the  attitude of the tourists without whose active co-operation all efforts of the authorities will be rendered redundant.


Ensure Fund Utilisation

RECENTLY the state government  enhanced the grants for village panchayats to tackle garbage menace,  releasing the first instalment of 30 per cent of the funds  to all  grassroots-level bodies. The funds are released to the  village panchayats  to achieve effective collection, segregation, treatment and disposal of garbage within their  jurisdictions. The directorate of panchayats must ensure that the released grants  are utilised exclusively for the  purpose they have been given.  The panchayats which fail to utilise the total amount or direct the funds to some other purposes should be taken to task at once.



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