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Religious Leaders Must Be Careful In Making Statements

Once again the Roman Catholic Church has landed itself on the wrong track through irrational statements. The Archbishop of Delhi in a letter issued to the parish priests and religious institutions in his archdiocese has made a categorical statement that the country is facing a turbulent atmosphere which is posing a threat to the democratic principles enshrined in the Constitution and the secular fabric of the nation. Obviously people will react to such harsh views and the BJP leaders were quick to target him and as it often happens, the Archbishop was quick to patch up saying that his comments were not levelled at the Narendra Modi government and that he was only requesting the people to pray for the nation. Let us without any prejudice be open to analyse the situation. Presently there is BJP government at the Centre and even a novice will not hesitate to reiterate that the comments are essentially levelled at the BJP government. If we go by his words that he was only appealing to the people to pray for the country there are far better ways to do the same than to incite the people against the government by stating that the nation is at peril under the turbulent atmosphere. It cannot be denied that our religious leaders have a duty towards the nation as well, and have a right to implore upon the people keeping in mind the ensuing 2019 parliament elections, to pray for the nation that all may be enlightened to choose competent and righteous leaders, who will march the nation towards peace and prosperity. There is no need to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere through any unreasonable comments. Agreeably, there may be isolated cases of attacks on religious structures but that is a law and order situation which is a state issue and cannot be termed as an attack on nation’s integrity.



Prohibit Parking of Vehicles At Sharp Turns

At various locations, we come across instances wherein cars and company/private buses are parked near sharp turns thus causing inconvenience to other motorists and pedestrians. People wishing to cross road are the worst sufferers in such cases, as they are unable to clearly see the oncoming vehicles with a bus or truck parked at a turn. Such careless parking can even lead to serious accidents. The location near Maruti temple at Varkhandem in Ponda is one such instance. Company vehicles as also private buses are parked near the turn thereby inconveniencing one and all. Another such instance is near Almeida High School in the vicinity of old bus stand. Many a time company officials are dropped at this spot. Such a situation hampers the smooth movement of vehicular traffic and vehicles get delayed to a great extent. Let us hope that the concerned officials at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and the traffic cell department take a serious note of this matter and initiate stringent action against persons parking vehicles at sharp turns.



Not Quota But Merit-based Appointments

This is in response to Sujit De’s article titled ‘Empowering Dalits’ (NT, May 24). De rightly concludes that footpaths have to be sliced off from both sides of a road to keep them reserved for pedestrians. Yes, this is the essence of absolute equality which all sane and neutral persons of India are trying to emphasise on consistent basis. In this case, footpaths have been sliced off from both sides of the road, not from a single side. This is called absolute equality. No particular side has been awarded ‘special’ status. Moreover, though pedestrians are human beings and the traffic gets controlled by human beings also, still at the end of the day, pedestrians and traffic are two separate entities. No one has to sacrifice for the sake of the other. Traffic will enjoy its own right of plying on the ‘reserved’ streets, while pedestrians will also equally enjoy their own right of walking on the ‘reserved’ footpath. No one is getting discriminated for the sake of the other or being awarded preferential treatment. Also traffic of all modes – right from a cycle to rickshaw, auto to car (irrespective of make or price), buses to lorries – are enjoying equal rights to share the road. Lot of thanks to De for forwarding the most appropriate specimen of absolute equality of all. I wonder why such sanity, rationality and spirit of absolute equality elude the larger sphere of the society like education, job or justice! How can reservation in education and job sphere be demanded without caring about the candidate’s scores, marks, worth or quality? Just because he/she is affiliated to any particular group of population, the individual would be awarded preferential treatment? How can laws be framed centred around particular sexual or demographic factors? Can a person possessing minimum common sense and balance of mind afford to assert that all persons affiliated with any particular sex, caste or religion are necessarily on the “right” and “victimised” while others are surely on the “wrong” side and epitome of “devils”? But thanks to the laggard crude opportunistic scheme of nurturing and boosting vote bank to meet own vested and political interests, more and more divisions are being artificially implanted in the society instead of unifying all.


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