Tuesday , 21 May 2019


Little Hope For Congress in Goa

This is with reference to the news headline ‘Congress stakes claim to form government in Goa’ (NT May 19). It is very surprising that the Congress in Goa has staked its claim to form government in Goa after being in hibernation for over a year. Evidently, the party is on a high, buoyed by the success of the Congress-JD(S) alliance in Karnataka, and the decision of the Governor in the neighbouring state to invite the single largest party (BJP, in this case) to form the government – a privilege denied to the Congress by the Goa Governor after the 2017 assembly elections. On the face of it, there appears to be a case of injustice meted out to Congress by the Goa Governor for inviting the post-poll alliance of the BJP and others to prove their numbers instead of the Congress – the single largest party. However, the matter was laid to rest with the blame falling on the Congress for failing to stake their claim in time and waiting for the Governor to invite them instead. While the Congress has learnt its lesson rather late in the day, its decision now to stake claim to form government in Goa and dislodge the incumbent BJP-led government by virtue of being the single largest party, is both bereft of merit and untenable in law.

A F Nazareth, Alto Porvorim


Colour Code For Driving Training Cars

Every now and then, one sees vehicles belonging to driving schools with a person learning to drive behind the steering wheel. It is obvious that the person learning to drive may not be able to control the vehicle as well as a driving licence holder can. Hence other vehicular drivers on the road need to be extra cautious while approaching a vehicle with a learner driving it. For this the vehicles belonging to learning schools need to be easily differentiated from other cars on the road. It would hence be desirable to have a colour code for the vehicles of driving schools so that are easily distinguishable. As of now, a word painted on the side of the car or a board atop the vehicle which reads ‘driving school’ distinguishes car of driving school from other cars. This may not be easily visible from a distance, especially when vehicles are in motion. If there is a ‘black-and-yellow’ colour code for taxis and a ‘white’ colour code for tourist cabs, why not have a colour code for vehicles belonging to driving schools?



Tough Job Ahead For Kumaraswamy In Karnataka

H D Kumaraswamy of the Janata Dal (Secular) is all set to be crowned as the   Chief Minister of Karnataka. All eyes are now firmly set on the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, which in all probability, should be a make or break polls for the top two national parties: Congress and BJP. Without doubt, the overpowering presence of elder partner, the Congress, in the Karnataka government will make Kumaraswamy uncomfortable. Politics is a game of ambitions where fortunes tend to turn topsy-turvy within no time and Kumaraswamy is too crafty to sidetrack the ignoble intentions, if any, of the Congress. Since the Congress party was quick to provide unconditional support to the JD(S), there will not be rotational chief ministers for Karnataka. But, as the senior partner, the Congress evidently will grab bigger slices of the pie. Many Congressmen are ‘too senior’ for Kumaraswamy’s comfort and he has the tricky job of keeping the Congress ministers  in good humour as well as keep a tab on them. The coalition is more significant for the Congress ahead of the 2019 elections; so Kumaraswamy has little to lose. It is for the Congress to be wary of BJP’s propensity to rock the cradle. Without the JD(S), the Congress has no friends to turn to, but the BJP is waiting in the wings for the JD(S) because, in politics, there are no permanent friends or foes but only permanent ‘interests.’ Therefore, the coalition government should keep its ship steady and govern the state well. Karnataka may answer the question as to whether or not different parties with differing ideologies can stand on a common platform to challenge the BJP.