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SC Can’t Sit On Reserved Verdicts

OFTEN the judgments by benches, including division and larger ones, at the Supreme Court are kept reserved for several months. System should be that various SC benches may compulsorily announce judgments in a time-bound manner, say three months, after the last date of hearing. The delay in pronouncing judgments after completion of hearing is construed as ‘delayed justice’. At times, such delayed judgments result in costly and time-consuming re-hearings in case a    bench member retires from the post. The SC website must have a link providing list of reserved judgments clearly mentioning the last date of proceedings in the case.



Tread Cautiously  On J&K Ceasefire

THE unilateral ceasefire in Jammu and Kashmir is a sensitive move of the Centre; it will invite plaudits and brickbats in equal measure.  The government must have carefully weighed all options, factoring in the failed experiment under the then prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee at the back of its mind. Never before had the Indian Army established such a firm grip over terror perpetrators as it has done today.  However, the Centre seems to have kept in mind the civilians’ interests during the holy month of Ramzan.  Attacks and counter-attacks may push the civilians in the line of fire and that’s what the Centre aims to avoid.  Isolation of the terrorists during the one-month will unequivocally determine the intentions of the terrorists apart from sending a subtle message to the peace-loving people. The government’s announcement comes with an unambiguous caveat that unprovoked attack will be met with a strong retribution and that is how it should be.  The terror network may or may not use the ‘truce period’ to clandestinely regroup and restrategise, but the Indian Army should  bolster  its Intelligence gathering capacity and augment its long-term plans with an eye on the future.  Army’s ‘cordon and destroy operations’ and ‘cordon and search operations’ may have temporarily been suspended, but the eagle’s eye on the enemy’s nefarious design cannot waver an inch.



PM’s Empty Gestures Towards Neighbours

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to China in April for the ‘informal summit’ with President Xi Jinping was wrapped in empty gestures. The so-called summit can be likened to Modi dropping in at the house of now embattled Nawaz Sharif for a cup of tea. The stopover in Pakistan did not produce any tangle results vis-à-vis the ties between the archrivals. We hope that the same fate will not be befallen on India-China relations. Modi’s leadership always smacks of immaturity, and the Prime Minister always wants the spotlight on himself and will go to any extent to ensure that, despite knowing that sometimes these gestures fall flat.  With no major issue touched, it has been reported that Modi had expressly gone to China to request Xi not to rock the boat on the shared borders between the two countries until the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.



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