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The Might Of Indian Politicians

POLITICIANS can stand for elections from two states, but you cannot vote at two places. They can stand for elections from jail, you cannot vote if you are jailed. For any government or bank job, you must have some educational qualifications unlike politicians who can stand for and get elected and become a minister and  grace  scientists’ conferences as  a top speaker. See the might of politicians:  there is tremendous wastage of funds as Parliament does not function and important bills are passed without debate. But the politicians are unanimous in increasing own salaries! The political discourse, especially by the BJP and the Congress, is generally uncivilised, lacking in truth and ethics which insults the intelligence of the average common man. Vote-bank  politics, divide and rule, religion and caste based reservations, complete lack of morality are the banes of  Indian political system.


Making A Cause Out Of A Portrait

THIS is with reference to the news reports on the unnecessary controversy created on the portrait of Mohammed Ali Jinnah at the Aligarh Muslim University. Jinnah’s portrait  has been adorning a  wall at the AMU not as the founder of Pakistan but in the capacity of his being a life member of the varsity.  Even AMU founder  Syed Ahmed Khan was a vocal supporter of creation of Pakistan. By this logic, even portraits  of Syed Ahmad Khan should also be removed. A top Indian leader was equally responsible for the Partition of India. But unfortunately nobody talks about removing portraits of such Indian leaders who also were equally responsible for the Partition of the country. Nobody talks of prominent pre-independence leaders of the Congress who deliberately did not intervene to stop hanging of the revolutionaries – Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. Besides, I must   say that the word ‘Muslim’ in the name of the AMU reeks of  communalism and must be deleted because the university is run  on public money. It would  be better  if some movement is launched to press  for renaming  the AMU as ‘Dr A P J Abdul Kalam University’. Moreover, Jinnah House in Mumbai should be converted into a heritage hotel.


Punishing  Killer-Rapist

APROPOS your timely editorial ‘Save the girl child from predators around her’ (NT, May 1, 2018), it needs to be reflected on whether exactly same punishment must  be meted  out to a person who rapes a girl child under 12 and  the one who not only rapes but also murders  a girl under 12. A killer-rapist needs to get more punishment than a rapist. Such a distinction is necessary to restrict a rapist from killing his victim to avoid being accused by her. When a woman or a girl child is raped and murdered the criminal is usually branded as a ‘rapist’. As a matter of fact, he should be called a killer-rapist and must get more punishment for his capital offence.



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