Electrocution Of An Electrician

There has been yet one more death due to electrocution of an electrician that has been reported in the state. An employee of the Electricity Department at Sanguem reportedly died of electrocution while on duty. The electrician working as line-helper, who had climbed the pole to rectify some problem, got electrocuted and fell to the ground. Such deaths of electricians working for the electricity department are avoidable with a little bit of care. Whenever an employee climbs the pole to rectify a problem, extreme care needs to be taken to see that the power supply to the pole is cut off in advance. No one should switch on the power supply even by oversight. A simple warning board put up on the main switch at the power-station, informing of the work being in progress at the particular electric pole, will go a long way in preventing such fatal accidents. Alternatively the main switch should have a locking system whereby the linesman, who has to work on the pole, locks the switch board and carries the key along with him while going to the site to carry out the repair work.


Charges On Bank Deposits And Transactions

The security and safety of deposits is limited to Rs one lakh per person of all deposits in various branches and banks taken as a whole. It smacks of authoritarian streak, to say that 97 per cent  of depositors  in India have less than one lakh only and hence no need to increase the security beyond this limit. The frauds with ATM cards and debiting twice etc are waiting solutions, which are detrimental to the interests of  holders. The frauds and NPA`s to the tune of lakh of crore and  there is no  sign of ever recovering  this loot and plunder as they have fled the country and proceedings for repatriation or  deportation are locked in legal formalities and are long drawn out affair.  The present situation all over the country of ATM`s drying up is another warning bell .Whose money is disbursed as advances and loans, without adequate collateral and recovery by secularization? This is not the normal  practice when ordinary citizen apply for loans and are considered? It is an open secret that loans are advanced   due to political influence, pressures and greasing the palms of those concerned. The requirements are manipulated as it suits the authorities. Forget about the charges or loans, services  the capital is also at risk of recovery. The depositors are taken for a  joy ride. The charges levied by the banks for various, recently services rendered are excessive and exorbitant by all counts, when earlier they were free. It is a great favour as Bank of India officer at local bank states  that pass books are issued free, are the Banks trying to recover the losses by charging the captive depositors to ransom? The dipping interest rates making loans from banks dirt cheap for industrialist, businessmen etc, whose products cost, priced does not in any way reflect the cheap finances availed off. The depositors unions do not seem to be too enamored to step in to protect the depositors’ interests. The only alternative left with  depositors is to line up at banks all over the country and withdraw the hard earned finances and diversify into post offices savings.

Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

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