Thursday , 22 November 2018


Eat Mangoes In Moderation

THE hot summer season is here. The blazing sun and the sweltering heat can make life unbearable. And summer is also the mango season. Although the fruit has several health benefits, experts caution that feasting on it can lead to health complications. Hence one has to consume the fruit in moderation. The fruit is reportedly high in calories and contains excessive sugar and probably has comparatively less nutritional value. Hence diabetics need to consume the fruit in moderation. According to fitness experts, excessive consumption of mangoes is not good for anyone as it leads to weight gain. However, mangoes also have several health benefits. They have several anti-oxidant properties and reportedly maintain cholesterol level. It strengthens the immune system and is rich in iron and calcium which improves bone health.



Public Outcry Against Rapes Isn’t Selective

THIS is with reference to Sujit De’s letter ‘Don’t pick and choose rapes’ (NT, April 18, 2018).  In response to my letter, he has said that there should be no room for us to be selective in our protest against rape and murder by factoring in the victim’s caste, class and religion.  In any civilised society, principles of justice say a crime is a crime irrespective of who the perpetrator is. It is our moral obligation to raise concerns over crimes so that swift justice is delivered irrespective of the victim’s background. This should be the yardstick especially so in cases where the police and investigative agencies try to soft-pedal on the probe to protect the culprits, as had been the case in Unnao and Kathua.  In both these cases the culprits were intoxicated by political power and their conduct displayed arrogance. It caught people’s attention when both social and mainstream media highlighted the gruesome gangrape and murder of the eight-year-old girl from Kathua and the custodial death of another rape victim’s father in Unnao. In both the cases the victims belonged to two different faiths. People came out on the streets to express their outrage not only for these two cases but also for the increasing incidents of rape cases and the government’s inability to deliver justice to the rape victims.  So where does the question of being selective arise?


On Rapes And Inhumanity

THE recent incidents of rape and murder of minor girls have shaken us. Such things don’t happen among animals; the horrendous crimes take place only in the society of so-called rational human beings. Did these hapless children deserve such gory end to their lives? One thought that haunts me as a citizen is that these innocent children died without knowing why they were being brutalised.



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