Thursday , 21 March 2019


In A Waterless Scenario

IN Cape Town, South Africa, the time for change has already come and gone! Every wash basin has a soft coke bottle with a straw that requires a gentle squeeze to release water to wash hands without wasting a drop. Do not expect a toilet clean bowl in anyone’s house or a public facility! Gross definitely not, as it has become a requirement. People should  give up modern appliances like dishwasher, and it is a crime to water lawns! A resident says: “I boil the air conditioner runoff water and use it for cooking and drinking.” When I see the wastage of water all around me in Goa I wonder what it will take to prevent a Cape Town-like situation in the not too distant future.


See The Back Of All Legislative Councils

STATE legislative councils (vidhan parishads) are nothing but white elephants and a big drain on state exchequers. The  councils are used to accommodate favourites and relations of politicians. Vidhan parishads, some of which  had been abolished  post-Emergency, are being  revived. The parishads  serve absolutely no purpose, and hence the constitutional provision of having them should altogether be abolished. The particular House  has been misused regularly. It is pertinent to note here that in 2015 Uttar Pradesh Governor Ram Naik returned a list of nominees for the state legislative council after media reports indicated that the list contained names of relations of politicians, and some of the nominees had criminal antecedents. Former Karnataka chief minister H D Kumaraswamy was caught in a sting operation demanding money for getting a person elected to the vidhan parishad.


Bringing Discipline On Goa’s Roads

THE Goa police’s traffic cell has asked the transport department to suspend over 6,000 licences for overspeeding, drunken driving, jumping of red light, etc over the past three-and-half months. These include the over 3,700 violators booked for overspeeding, and their licences have also been recommended for suspension. While suspending the licence for traffic violations like drunken driving and jumping the red light is understandable, the suspension of licence for overspeeding seems a bit too harsh a punishment for several reasons. The restriction on speed limit has been imposed all of a sudden without any warning after the laser speed radar guns  were pressed into service. Moreover the signboards depicting permissible speed limit are not prominently visible for various reasons. Hence the authorities concerned should be lenient  towards those booked for overspeeding by imposing a penalty; their  licences should not be suspended.



The police could keep a track of first-time violators of speed limit and suspend the licence for a subsequent violation.


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