Saturday , 20 October 2018


Some ‘Devotees’ More Equal than Others

It has been reported that while devotees braved the scorching sun in queues for veneration of St Francis Xavier politicians were given VIP treatment by Church authorities.  This has to be strongly condemned as Jesus Christ himself stooped to wash the feet of his disciples,  and everyone is equal before the law and God. The politicians who want to show off their privileged position should have no place in a democracy, leave alone ceremonies of the Church.



A Good Move on Healthcare Facilities 

I congratulate Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’Souza for mulling imposing charges  on non-Goans who want  to avail healthcare  services  at government hospitals in the state. All these years Health Ministers did  not realise about the drain of public finance on outside patients undergoing treatment at government hospitals in Goa.  Goans are  treated as ‘second-class patients’ at the GMC and benefits are mostly taken by  non-Goans who  especially come from neighbouring states. I have often seen the people waiting outside the GMC wards are mostly non-Goans, who sleep on the floor by putting papers and have food or water of tender coconuts.  This may not augur well for the health of patients.  Otherwise our GMC is a better-equipped hospital with best equipment  and good doctors and nurses  than in healthcare facilities in other parts of India. Most of the staff and doctors in the GMC are kind towards the people.



Regulate Live Feeds at Exposition

MASSIVE electronic screens have been put up in the pandal during the novena mass being held in preparation of the feast of St Francis Xavier at Old Goa in order to beam live pictures of the mass at the altar for those who are not able to get a clear view of it. But then it is observed that many a times instead of beaming live picture of the altar when the mass is going on, the live pictures of the people kissing the relics of St Francis Xavier which is placed at Se Cathedral is being beamed on these giant electronic screens. This becomes a source of distraction to the faithful who are attending the novena mass. It there are some technical glitches in beaming live pictures of the mass then the live telecast needs to be put off so that the faithful can concentrate on the mass. The Eucharistic celebration bears a lot of significance and there should not be any distractions during the mass. It is also observed that while the distribution of the communion is going on the camera is focused on the priests distributing the Holy Communion. It would be in the fitness of things to focus the camera on the background picture of Jesus Christ and St Francis Xavier at the altar when the distribution of the Holy Communion is going on. The officials in charge should see to it that only live pictures of the altar is beamed when the mass is going on and at other times the live pictures of the faithful kissing the relics may be beamed. This needs to be done during the remaining days of the novenas and on the day of the feast.



ISL Franchises Shouldn’t Ignore Local Talents 

WITH the Hero Indian Super League well into its stage where the last four is being decided, the term ‘marquee player’ is by now a standard phrase that has come to convey a lot to the football lovers in the country. Well, Robert Pires is the marquee player for FC Goa, but fans of the ISL football franchise in Goa will no doubt admit that he has not got anywhere near his ranking as the most celebrated and preeminent player of the team, so far at least. Livewire Romeo Fernandes, the sprightly winger and our own lad, who scored that stupendous goal against FC Pune the other day for instance, was by far a better draw! Notwithstanding the manner in which the AIFF has defined a marquee player, the way old warhorses from some of the regular World Cup nations have taken centrestage in the current edition of the ISL over the local talents, literally pushing them into the fringes of anonymity, makes one feel that our players are in for a raw deal. ISL is believed to be a catalyst to develop local talent. However, the organisers have not overlooked the commercial aspects of the venture, assuring that they are winners all the way! But care should be taken that the ambitious ISL does not overshadow local Indian talent available. As has been reported, foreign stars like David Beckham and a few others have increased the popularity of football in the USA and the revenue generated by them playing for their respective franchises has enabled clubs to become wealthier, and in turn increase the standard of their facilities and youth setups. As a result of this, clubs in America are producing better quality players. Rubbing shoulders with the best in business would do a lot of good for the host of local youngsters who one day aspire to don colours for the country. But the recent corps of foreign recruits have been signed on by various franchisees in the inaugural edition of ISL have failed to live up to their reputation, only showing glimpses of their past brilliance. Wish we could one day have an all-star Indian team regaling the nation with their world-beating prowess!


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