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Goa Should Have Film City

Goa is now playing host to yet another edition of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI). It must be said that Goans are totally isolated from the happenings at the venue of the film festival except for a few Goans who are associated with the film industry and Goan film makers. For the average Goan it is life as usual. The only connect that the citizens have with the film festival is from the news update that it will be getting from the print and the electronic media during the ten-day mega festival.  An average Goan will prefer watching a tiatr or a drama rather than a movie. And now that Goa has been declared as the permanent venue of  IFFI the festival will now be an annual feature whether we Goan like it or not.  The Goa government should now look towards developing  a ‘Film City’ in the state. It is in this film city that all film festivals can be held. The former CM has declared that Goa will have a permanent venue and auditorium at Dona Paula by next IFFI. This is a step in the right direction as the venue will be close to the Dr Shyama Prasad Mukerjee indoor stadium which was the venue of the opening ceremony of this year’s film festival. Having future film festivals at the new venue at Dona Paula will decongest the Panaji city as the vehicles for the dignitaries and the delegates attending the film festival will be diverted along the University road as was the case this year. Since the state is now a permanent venue for the film festival an interest needs to be generated among Goans to watch quality movies. One way of doing this would be to develop the old ‘one-screen’ theatres operating in Panaji and other major cities. Now most of the movies are screened in the Multiplex theatres the tickets of which could be beyond the reach of the common man. In the past the entire families would go for a movie over the weekend.



Power Lines Safety and Tree Pruning

The  Power Dept is at it again pruning trees in Porvorim. The cut branches of more than 60 year old  banyan tree just outside the gate of the Citizen Bank on the NH17 are in excess of one metre in length and more than 20 cm in diametre. This is being stated since when the PRO of the Electricity Dept was contacted about the earlier tree cutting in this same stretch of NH17 near Teen Building, he tried to wriggle out of the situation by saying that when 2 metres of branches are required to be cut they cut only one metre. Most of the branches that had been cut earlier have been in excess of 1 metre in length. There are five piles of cut branches lying on both sides of the road for all to see. It is best therefore that the PRO visits the site and sees the truth for himself. There is another perspective to this matter and that is on the other side of the NH17 area behind Tarun Bharat offices for about 200 metres the highway has been widened but there are electricity poles which stand on the widened portion. This makes the widening unusable for traffic. When this matter had come up the Electricity Dept itself had said that underground cabling will be done for this stretch up to the Secretariat shortly and that is the reason why the poles have not been removed. Now if underground cabling is going to be done in Porvorim for this stretch it will automatically cover the 100 metre stretch in front of Teen Building where the tree hacking was done, then why hack the trees so much. Pruning could have been done in a minimal fashion allowing the trees to survive until the underground cabling happens. The intent seems to be clearly to kill the trees by the time the underground cabling plan is implemented. Forest department should be more pro-active.

S KAMAT, Alto Betim


Glory to Indian ODI Team

With the 5-0 series whitewash against Sri Lanka, India has ascended the top position in ODI ranking, which is a great moment for all cricket enthusiasts. Incidentally it is our fifth clean sweep in the 50-overs format of the game in a 5-match series. We wonder whether the credit should go irrefutably to the Indian team or whether it was a totally lop-sided performance by the visitors, who were unquestionably ill-prepared and ill-equipped, since the call for playing against India was taken in haste, after the West Indies team prematurely exited in the middle of the series from India. Former Sri Lankan cricket captain Arjuna Ranatunga had lambasted their Board of taking such ill-conceived decision. However it matters little for both the players and the team management as long as fast buck is made by playing the games, irrespective of what planning was made for the series. The highlight of the series was the swashbuckling 264 runs made by Rohit Sharma which was simply unimaginable. When Sachin Tendulkar scored the first double century in ODI against South Africa in February 2010 many must have felt that the record may go down in history undefeated. But the magical feat of Rohit Sharma stunned the world to say the least. Interestingly there are four double centuries scored in ODIs, twice by Rohit Sharma and one each by Tendulkar and Sehwag. All these centuries have been scored by Indians and more importantly they have all been scored on Indian grounds. In a nutshell that throws light on the state of Indian pitches, so flat and lifeless, which are no doubt proving to be batsmen’s paradise but turn out sadly as bowler’s graveyard. Over the years this has been the nature of our docile cricket pitches and as a result our batsmen who dominate on them, often fail to impress on the hard and bouncy pitches abroad.


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