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Prompt Passport Service
It has becomes fashionable, especially among our highly vocal upper muddled class, to endlessly carp about how bad things are in this country, and how wonderful everything is “abroad”. Well, sometimes we should also talk loudly when things go well over here. As our passports were due for renewal, my wife and I decided, not without some trepidation, to make an application, book an appointment, and pay the requisite fees online. We need not have worried; the processing on the passport website went off seamlessly. This was on November 14. We were given an appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra for the very next working day, November 17. There was quite a large crowd, and we anticipated some delay. However, everything was done efficiently. We received continuous updates on our application status by email as well as through SMS. Imagine our disbelief yesterday, the Nov 18, when the doorbell rang and we found our new passports delivered by speed post. It was just one day after submitting the applications. Our thanks and sincere appreciation is due to the officers and staff of the Passport Office, Goa, for truly excellent performance.
Make Dabolim Airport Garbage-Free
It was providential that there was no major disaster as a result of the bird-hit that the Delhi-bound Air India plane encountered as it of was about to take off. It must be said that such a bird-hit was waiting to happen. The large amount of garbage strewn all around the Dabolim Airport, attracts several birds which feed on this garbage. These birds pose a danger to the planes which land and take-off from the airport. It is absolutely necessary to make the area surrounding the Dabolim Airport absolutely garbage free to prevent a disaster by way of a plane crash from taking place which can also turn out to be disastrous for the residents of the locality surrounding the airport. The government through the local governing bodies should see to it that the villages surrounding the airport are declared as garbage-free.
Implementation of Mining Laws Must
A quick look at the mining policy gives one the feel good factor. It is good to know that illegal mining will be treated as a criminal offence. But we have a lot of laws and policies but what we lack is enforcement of the same. If as in the past while illegal mining takes place the authorities look the other way policy is meaningless. More than laws we need the willingness to implement the same.
D C DIAS, Taleigao

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