Thursday , 13 December 2018


On Power Transition and Parsekar-I

NEW Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar should try to be his own man  – it will be better for  Goa. Consulting Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar for allocating portfolios to his ministers can be acceptable since a transition is always managed by taking views of the previous dispensation. It has been reported that Parrikar will come to Goa on weekends for handholding Parsekar  on running the government.    But the state government should not rely perennially on Parrikar for his advice.  Parrikar should realise that he should do justice to his new assignment as Defence Minister and not try to have one foot in Goa. This would  be  like trivialising the responsibility given to him. As for Parsekar, it is difficult  to step into the shoes of a strong personality but after all he has to set up his own style and way of doing things.

S KAMAT, Alto Betim


On Power Transition and Parsekar-II

ON his exit from the Chief Minister’s post Manohar Parrikar should have been succeeded by Deputy Chief  Minister Francis D’Souza. It was a continuous process of changeover, and a new government did not come to power. Instead players in the field tried to vie for the Chief Minister’s post. D’Souza had dropped a bombshell that he would not work under a junior and would not take oath as a minister but would continue as an MLA. His contention was that he is a disciplined soldier of the party and that he is the natural successor to Parrikar. But in the course of time his bombshell got defused and he sang a different tune in favour of the BJP legislature party. Calangute MLA Michael Lobo had also expressed similar sentiment that D’Souza be made the Chief Minister to show that BJP is not communal. His outburst fell silent and he too sang in the same tune of  D’Souza. Very strange of our politicians! At the swearing-in ceremony, except for two ministers – D’Souza  and Alina Saldanha – all the other ministers took their oath in Marathi knowing too well that Konkani is the official language of Goa.  D’Souza was seen garlanding new Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar. The episode is  indicative of the future things to come.

AYRES SEQUEIRA, Salvador do Mundo


Let’s Make  India a Great Nation

I join in the mission of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his team to make India a great nation, where every citizen of India will live with pride and dignity and no person will go to sleep hungry. Education and healthcare should be the main criteria to make India a great nation. Unemployment, fanaticism and poverty must be rooted out from the nation so that every Indian will live in love and brotherhood. Let us all join hands to make India a great nation. Let us work together against the negativities of the nation that are dividing it – unemployment, fanaticism, terrorism, illiteracy and poverty. Let us prove that there is no need of any political party or politician to make India a great nation. Let us   make sincere efforts and actively participate in the great  work of nation building.



Save Ribandar Causeway

BUILT during the Portuguese regime the Ribandar causeway happens to be one of the oldest causeways and the longest in Asia with a length of 3.2 km. But it appears that the increase in the number of vehicles that pass over this causeway linking Panaji to Ribandar and Old Goa has taken a toll of it. It is observed that in a particular area the road appears to be sinking as the level of one half of the road is lower than the other half. The part of the road that appears to be sinking has been tarred ostensibly to make the road of one level. It must be said that it high time this historic causeway is protected from any further deterioration which, God forbid, could ultimately lead to its collapse. Even though heavy vehicles are  supposed to move along the road on the Kadamba Plateau, however it is seen that heavy vehicles pass along this causeway thereby further weakening it. This causeway has heritage value and thus should be preserved at all cost. No heavy vehicles should be allowed to pass through this road and it should be diverted along the Kadamba Plateau. Only light vehicles should be allowed to pass along the causeway. Urgent repair work needs to be carried out at the spot where the road is of unequal level. Indeed the historic Ribandar causeway is the pride of Goa as it happens to be the longest in entire Asia and hence should be preserved for posterity.


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