Thursday , 17 October 2019
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On Cricketers Writing Books

Cricketers play cricket, but they can also write books. To write a readable book, the writer has to slog, burn the midnight oil and sweat and perspire. But cricketers seem to write effortlessly (although their cricketing career may be like the stock market – sudden boom and then crash). Even before the publication, there is a selective leak to shore up the fortunes of the book. Generally, a cricketer, when he writes a book about his cricketing career, washes the dirty linen in the public. He tends to blame everybody else for the failure on the field than himself – the author of the magnum opus. There is a saying: ‘A dancer who cannot dance blames the dance-floor.’ The coach is an easy target: put all blames on the coach and save your skin! A coach is a teacher; he can teach, he can guide, he can work out a strategy and then wish for the best. But the outcome depends on the players. A teacher can teach but if the student does not learn or refuses to learn, can you blame the teacher? There is an ongoing chorus condemning former coach of the Indian cricket team Greg Chappell. Nobody is above the game; deification of the players harms the game. People must learn to retire gracefully.

                        S N D POOJARY, Miramar

Repair Dhavali-Borim Road

Appropriate infrastructure is crucial for the development of any location. Hence, it is necessary that roads are maintained properly and repaired as and when required. The stretch of road from Dhavali towards Borim in Ponda has developed potholes at some spots thus making it difficult for travellers, especially the two-wheeler riders using the route. During night time, the situation turns worse with less visibility and there is every possibility of a serious accident occurring on this road stretch. A glance at the road reveals that it has remained unattended for quite a long time. At some spots, the road surface is uneven too. It is necessary that this road is repaired on top priority before any mishap takes place. I hope the officials at the PWD (road division) in Ponda inspect this road stretch at the earliest and do the needful.

                        PRAVIN U SARDESSAI, Adpai

Erratic Functioning of Streetlights on NH 17

Streetlights have been installed by government authorities on the National Highway 17 from the Hotel Green Park junction at Guirim up to the Porvorim market junction on the otherwise dark road, thus bringing relief to night travellers, especially the two-wheeler riders using this highway road. However, it must be said that, of recent, these streetlights are not found to be functioning properly. Though the streetlights function when they are switched on at 6 in the evening, for some reason, the streetlights from the Porvorim market junction up to the Guirim cross area go off after 2 am, thus inconveniencing the motorists using the road in the night. I use the highway road almost every night and I have noticed this pattern of functioning of the streetlights. I have already complained about this to the electricity department at Porvorim at least four times. Every time, I was assured that the matter would be looked into, but nothing has happened till date. It is almost a month since I have complained to the electricity department. I request the higher authorities to look into this matter at the earliest so that the night travellers on this road are not inconvenienced.



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