Thursday , 21 March 2019


We Are A Multi-Religious Nation
It took the Constituent Assembly two years and eleven months to draft the Constitution of India making India Secular Democratic State. But it took the deputy CM of Goa, Francis D’souza just one day to over-turn the constitution and make India a Hindu nation. Francis will have a lot of explaining to do to the nation, to Goans, to the people of his constituency and to his own conscience. We cannot turn back the hands of the clock. yes, we were all Hindus at one time. But that does not change the fact that today we are Hindus, Muslims, Christians , Buddhists or any other religion and that is why the constituent assembly declared that we are a secular democracy and not a Hindu democracy. Francis D’souza may call himself a Christian Hindu. But as a Christian, turning back the hands of the clock to the time of creation, he should know that in the very beginning the world was one country. We are all descendants of Adam and Eve, of Abraham Issac and Jacob. So does that make us Jewish or Israelites? No we are all Indians, practicing different religions today, D’souza.
Hindu Rashtra Et Al
The comments from our politicians about a Hindu Rashtra are all misplaced since there was never any such thing as history will tell us. The concept of India was given us by the British when they left our shores in 1947. Othwerise India has always been a loose collection of kingdoms each with their own characeristics and mostly fighting amongst each other. In fact even Lord Rama was limited to his kingdom of Ayodhya which was not even one-fourth of what is today’s Uttar Pradesh. But for Ashoka who united a large part of north & middle India there has never been a Hindu unifying force up north and even he embraced Budhism in the later part of his life. After that Shivaji to a certain extent had control over a large part of India extending to the south into what we know now as Tamilnadu and into Karnataka up to Bangalore and Mysore which was later towards the end of the 18th century carried forward by the Maratha Confederacy led by Mhadji Scindia. Both Shivaji and Scindia kingdoms, if you call them as such, were very loosely administered with no effort made by the rulers to bring the territory under any modicum of control. Thus northern India if you see for the last 2000 years or more was ruled by the Muslim marauders from the north and west notable among whom were the Mughals. So there was no Hindu Rashtra worth the name though in the south the Vijaynagar Empire had consolidated their hold and unified the region to a large extent. Wherever any reference was made to Hindustan, it was more a place reference to identify the place where Hindus stayed and lived. The concept of a Hindu Rashtra now is being bandied about as a political instrument which has no moorings in our history which our politicians need to remember. As for Francis D ‘Souza’s comments about being a Christian Hindu or a Hindu Christian, it is best that you allow the Church to decide since there is nothing like that. You follow a persuasion out of choice and you can either be a Hindu or a Christian and not both at the same time.
S Kamat, Bardez

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